TGWK’s Review of “Legendary Wars” v1.1 (iOS)

Legendary Wars is a brand new tower defense style game from developers, Liv Games. Unlike other tower defense games however, Legendary Wars combines RPG and RTS elements to differentiate itself from the others. The gameplay itself resembles that of Plants vs Zombies but that’s where the similarities end.

Legendary Wars is a huge game boasting over 50 levels. Because the game also combines RPG elements, the game itself is also quite deep. It’s not a simple pick up and play type game but it is a game that really draws you in and require a bit more time then the other tower defense games. Combined with some beautifully designed levels, characters, and an engaging story line, Legendary Wars seeks to become a game you’ll not only want to keep playing, but one you’ll never forget.

If you’re a fan of Plants vs Zombies, Legendary Wars should be right up your alley. It however requires more from you than PvZ does as there is an RPG element to it and you’ll have to spend time upgrading your characters throughout the game. Legendary Wars is also not an easy game in the slightest. You will need to choose your upgrades carefully and watch what you spend your gems on, otherwise you’ll have a hard time advancing forward in the game. I actually had to start the game over a few levels in because I spent my gems unwisely the first time around and could not beat this one level for the life of me. I decided to start over and redistribute my upgrades with more though and now I’m way past where I was stuck at.

In fact, that’s how I would recommend you play this game. Start a throw-away game first where you familiarize yourself with the controls, upgrades, and gameplay mechanics before actually starting to play the game seriously. It will help you tremendously in getting the proper feel for the game and will help you advance further as well. Also, do not get discouraged if you can not beat certain levels on the first try. Sometimes they require multiple playthroughs and wee bit of luck to pass. I think of each playthrough, whether I win or lose as a learning experience which will prepare me for later levels which I assume will get even harder.

On the technical side of things, the graphics for Legendary wars is very good. Most of it is 2D based but its played on a 3D playing field. It’s very similar to Plants vs Zombies but the difference is that your troops can move around the area freely on 3 different planes so you are no confined to 1 square per unit. You can control all of your units at once or individually by tapping on them. Unit selecting works reasonably well except when there are lots of them on your screen at once. It can get quite hectic and difficult to select the unit you want. I’d like to see the developers try to improve this a bit as sometimes it just feels like I can’t get my guys to do what I want them to do. I’d also like to see the AI adjusted a bit. There are times when an enemy would just walk by my guys and they would just stand around. I’d like to see an auto feature where my units will automatically switch rows to intercept incoming enemies.

Other than those two issues, Legendary Wars is a very satisfying game. It’s not a game for the casual gamer however but if you love tower defense games, this is definitely one to add to your collection. Legendary Wars is a fantastic addition to the tower defense genre. In fact, it’s really more than that. It’s an evolution of the genre. The game really takes the tower defense genre to a new level by adding the RPG element to it. I usually only play tower defense games for a couple of days, then never go back to them. I’ve been playing Legendary Wars for a solid week and a half already and still find myself playing a level here and there whenever I have the time.

I would note however that the game can be very difficult for young children to play so this is really for the older kids and adults. The game requires a lot of technical elements that they just would not understand. Plus, the game is a little violent even though most of the characters involve are fantasy based and not real.

Legendary Wars is available now in the App Store for $2.99. It requires 2 gen and up devices as well as iOS 3.1.3 and higher.


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Min Requirements: 2nd Gen Device

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