TGWK’s Top 5 Must Have iPhone Apps

Since the Verizon iPhone just came out, I figured I’d list the top 5 apps that I use the most on my own iPhone. These are apps that I use on a daily basis and can’t really see myself not having them on my phone. I know everyone has their own top 5, but these are mine. It also so happens that all these apps I’ve listed here are free so that’s an added bonus.

Pulse – Pulse is a visual RSS reader. It’s very fast and allows me to view all my news quickly and easily without fumbling through web pages and bookmarks. With Pulse, I’m able to scan all my favorite sites by viewing all the titles and header images of each article and then decide what I want to read. Having the images included makes it a whole lot easier to see what an article is about instead of just reading the title.

Google Translate – This is actually a new app that I have recently added to my iPhone that is indispensable in the work I do.  Google Translate allows me to quickly translate any language into any language. I use it a lot to translate English to Spanish as well as English to Chinese since I do a lot of business overseas with China and Taiwan. The best part is that it will pronounce all the words for you.

Twitter – Twitter is now a big part of my life and a big part of this site especially with all the networking contacts you can gain from Twitter. I use it to keep in contact with my friends as well as current events that may not have hit the blogosphere yet. I use the official Twitter app over others because it’s ad free, does pretty much everything I need it to do, and can push all my @ mentions and DM’s.

Facebook – The Facebook app is another social networking app that I use on a daily bases. I use Facebook for slightly different reasons than what I use Twitter for. Facebook helps me keep in contact with my close friends and family and I use Facebook more for personal reasons. Most of my Facebook contacts are separate from my Twitter contacts. If you’re on the internet, you most likely have Facbook, so this is pretty much a must have app for you.

Skype – I chose Skype to put on this list here over other IM apps because of the fact that it does video calling. Yes you can use Facetime, but I’m not always in an area that has WiFi. The Skype app allows me to make video calls over 3G and I use it all the time to talk with my family. It’s also pretty good as an instant messenger and stays connected in the background at all times for me.

There were other apps that I would have liked to have added to this list, but I limited it to my top 5. Some honorable mentions here are Meebo, Foursquare, Notica, Google Voice, and Dropbox. These are also free with the exception of Notica which is a paid app but it is probably on of my favorite note taking apps I have.

If you have any suggestions on what you think should be in the top 5, hit up our comments section.

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