TGWK’s Review of “Fruit Frenzy” v1.0 (iOS)

Fruit Frenzy is a new puzzle game from developers White Bat Games. It is a family friendly puzzle game with varying degrees of difficulty so that players of any age can play. Fruit Frenzy is a puzzle matching game where 3 or more of the same kind of fruit will cause them to be removed from the play area. This obviously is a familiar element to puzzle games of this type, however Fruit Frenzy adds a bit of a twist to the formula. Instead of being able to match fruit anywhere on the playing area, you a limited to making matches only on the center line which can make Fruit Frenzy quite a challenging puzzle game.

There are three modes of play in Fruit Frenzy – arcade, puzzle, and time attack. Arcade mode is basically endless mode. You try to see how long you can survive. There are 5 levels of difficulty here so you can choose the one that suits your skill level. In puzzle mode, you are given a board that you must clear with certain conditions to meet the requirement. It starts simple enough, but the difficulty really ramps up quickly as you progress through it. I’ve only reached puzzle #9 and it’s a real brain teaser. In time attack mode, it’s basically like arcade mode, except now you have a time limit and must try to score the highest score in a given amount of time. This mode also has five levels of difficulty you can choose from.

The mode I’ve been working on the most is puzzle mode. This is probably the most challenging area in the game. The challenges start off easy, but man do they get difficult. I was able to go through challenges 1-8 with fairly no problems buy puzzle #9 is really throwing me for a loop.  However, just because I can’t figure it out, it doesn’t mean that I’m discouraged. In fact, it makes me want to try even harder until I finally figure it out. That’s the thing about Fruit Frenzy, no matter how hard it is, I know there is a solution to it and it only makes we want to play it more.

On the technical side, Fruit Frenzy really shines. The graphics have been optimized for Retina Display and they really look fantastic. Everything is crisp and clear and very colorful. The audio is very mellow and upbeat and fits the game well. Controls are simple as all you do is swipe up, down, left, or right and they are very responsive with zero lag.

Fruit Frenzy is a wonderful puzzle game for those who love puzzle games. It has a very “Cut the Rope” type feel to it which is not a bad thing because I thought Cut the Rope was fantastic. The game has a very polished look to it and the graphics and music really compliment the gameplay and theme. White Bat Games did a great job on this game and I really liked how they altered the traditional puzzle matching game. Fruit Frenzy is a game that the whole family can enjoy and the challenge it presents will keep everyone busy for hours. I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzle games.

Fruit Frenzy is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with all devices running iOS 3.1 and higher.


Featured by Apple in ‘New and Noteworthy’ in Puzzle Game and Board Game categories!

Selected as Gaming App of the Day on!

A Featured Game of the Week on OpenFeint!

There’s a whole lot of fruit that needs juicing!

In this frantic puzzle game you’ll match together fruit as fast as you can to score big points. This game has the magic combination of addictive gameplay, great graphics and toe-tapping music that will keep you coming back for more. The unique row-sliding gameplay makes this game different to any other!

In Arcade Mode, fruit falls from the top of the screen and it’s your job to shift and slide the columns and rows to arrange matching fruit on the middle row. Five difficulty settings are available. From beginner, a very gentle introduction to the game, through to insane, a touch challenge for the very best players. As you play, the game gets gradually faster and faster. Freddy the Fennic Fox and his friends will come out and watch as you get further in the game!

In Puzzle Mode, you’ll be challenged to solve a huge variety of devious puzzles. In some, you’ll be asked to clear the board in a set number of moves. In others, you’ll have to create massive combos. Four puzzles are available to start with. Complete the four in any order to unlock the next four exciting levels. This mode follows the same rules as Arcade Mode but creates an entirely different game!

There’s also a Time Attack mode. How much can you score in just three minutes? Select a difficulty level and beat your friend’s scores and the scores of the best players around the world. If you get into the top few, your name will be proudly shown on the Fruit Frenzy website!

– Arcade and Time Attack Modes: Match the fruit as fast as you can before the screen fills up!
– Puzzle Mode: Solve countless brain-bending puzzles.
– Stunning graphics and effects: Featuring Retina mode for iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4th Generation. Also contains HD mode for iPad. The game will look great whichever device you have.
– Full musical soundtrack: You’ll be humming these tunes all day! You can also listen to your own music while you play if you prefer, and the game’s music will automatically turn off.
– On-line leaderboards and achievements: Compare your scores with your friends, and other players nearby and wordwide with OpenFeint! Earn achievements as you play the game too.

Fruit Frenzy is a universal app and is compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

[via App Store]

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