FX Photo Studio HD for iPad Adds 53 New Photo Processing Effects in Massive Free Update

I’m a big fan of photo apps on my iPhone and use them on a regular basis to give some of my photos a little kick in the pants. FX Photo Studio, which is one of the better photo editing apps out there for iOS, just announced a huge update to the iPad version of the app. The iPad version now features an additional 53 processing effects as well as full support of social network sharing. The new update is only for the iPad unfortunately, but hopefully an iPhone/iPod Touch update comes out soon as well.

Click the read more link below for full press release as well as additional information about FX Photo Studio HD.

Press Release

New York, NY — February 15, 2011 — MacPhun LLC, a leading developer of iOS photo and video apps, announces an update to FX Photo Studio HD, the most dynamic photo processing app available for the iPad. The update will include more than 53 additional new effects, giving FX Photo Studio HD the largest variety of photo effects and filters of any app on the iTunes App Store.

Along with a myriad of new effects, the update adds a completely customizable interface that allows users to label their most often used effects as favorites, save combinations of effects into presets, and share images and presets via social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr as well as email. Individual effects themselves can also be adjusted for deeper customization, and with a total of 181 photo effects and filters, endless possibilities now await iPad users and their cherished images.

The updated app offers an unlimited realm for creativity to blossom. Users can go beyond classic effects and easily apply single or multiple effects to a single image. The most notable innovation of FX Photo Studio HD is its ability to generate and share codes for customized presets as well as use codes provided by others. Preset codes can be used in FX Photo Studio HD as well as in FX Photo Studio for iPhone and iPod touch.

“Our latest update adds a true social component, through the sharing of unique customizable tools and photo editing recipes that will push iPhone photography and creativity to an entirely new level,” says MacPhun CEO Paul Muzok. “The FX Photo Studio collection for iOS has something for everyone, from pro photographers to beginners who enjoy artistically experimenting with their photo library. This app gives everyone the chance to create vibrant pieces of art by utilizing countless effects. Now that we’ve reached the next generation of mobile photo editing, we’re excited to see what kind of artwork our users are able to create.”

Along with popular lomo and vintage affects, the app also features presets:

  • Art Effects
  • Pencil Paint
  • Burned Paper
  • Vignette Layers
  • Grunge
  • Cross Process
  • Glo
  • Blur
  • TiltShift
  • Color Fantasy and many more!

In this latest update, FX Photo Studio HD also makes available the option to save creations to the device’s photo album, clipboard, or document folder which makes sharing between a device and computer more convenient. Along with new setting options, faster image processing, faster previews, and the ability to print custom masterpieces, this update of FX Photo Studio HD makes it one of the most efficient and powerful image editing apps on the market.

FX Photo Studio HD for iPad is currently on sale for $2.99 and is available on the iTunes App Store or at:

FX Photo Studio for iPhone and iPod touch is available for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store or at:

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