HOGTIDE – 5th World’s Latest Game Heading to the App Store

5th World, developers of the quirky yet fun Bouncer Boot Out, will be releasing a brand new game March 7th called HOGTIDE. I really like these 5th World games as they always seem to have such unique themes even though the gameplay is quite familiar. HOGTIDE is one of those endless “running” type games with a twist. Check out the trailer above to get a feel for the game and a more detailed description by clicking the read more link below. We’re checking out an advanced copy of the game now and I can already tell you that it definitely has the fun dialed in.


BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – March 7th will see 5th World release their new game for iOS, Hogtide, internationally across the App Store.

Hogtide sees the player mounted on the back of a pig riding to escape from the authorities. The player must collect beans to keep his hungry mount from running out of fuel. As they are already wanted by the law, the player can raise their bounty by collecting moonshine to run it over the border, and by freeing the beautiful women that have been left for dead in the unrelenting desert sands. All the while, the oncoming Hogtide will be chasing the player, trying to catch them and ram them headlong into anything that will stop them in their tracks.


  • Tap or Swipe between lanes in order to collect beans; the fuel your hog needs to keep going!
  • Increase the bounty against you by rescuing distressed damsels and collecting moonshine!
  • Get as far as you can before the law catches up with you!
  • OpenFeint enabled!

It’s a:

  • bean chompin’
  • booze chuggin’
  • wench freein’
  • hog ridin’
  • law breakin’
  • bounty raisin’


[via 5th World]


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