Invaders World Tour 3 Receives a Massive Power-up and Now Includes Option for TV Output

At this year’s Game Developers Conference, Appular announced that their game Invaders World Tour 3 has a significant update that is available now for download. Invaders World Tour 3 is now a universal app which means that it will automatically scale to the device you are using. This is great news because it means you will not  need to buy it twice if you are trying to play it on an iPhone or iPad. The second significant new feature is the fact that it now supports TV out which will allow users to play the game on their televisions and the ability to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless controller. Users will need an pple VGA Display Adapter or the newly announced Apple Digital AV Adapter.

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Press Release

Game Developers Conference, San Francisco – March 3, 2011 – Appular announces its latest update for Invaders World Tour 3, an interplanetary defense game now available as a Universal app for all iOS devices. Along with Retina Display graphics, the update features a TV output option, enabling users to play the game on their television by syncing two iDevices and using their iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless Bluetooth or WiFi controller. To connect the iDevices to the television, users will need an Apple VGA Display Adapter or the newly announced Apple Digital AV Adapter.

In an heroic effort to defend humanity, players engage in the epic battle that spans across 12 different countries in 60 explosive levels and bonus stages. Newly added fire power include enhanced auto-fire, improved detonator and ice raider guns, and also a new angular missile for wider demolition spectrum. New power-ups include extra bullets, rapid fire and side swipers to help players fend against the never-before-seen boss, Brain Man and the new invader bomb, firestorm. In addition, users will now be able to locally sync OpenFeint and Game Center achievements to keep them in one organized and easily accessible place.

“This update for Invaders World Tour 3 is the first time we’re integrating a TV output option to our games. We are looking at the possibility of bringing this feature to more of our games, so that users can enjoy the iOS gaming experience on their television, while sitting back on their couch,” says Brian Akaka, CEO and founder of Appular. “Until the day when iOS games can be played on an Apple TV, this is the best way to bring iOS games to the larger home screen.”

“Our team is committed to raising the bar in mobile gaming and a perfect example is in the latest updated of Invaders World Tour 3,” says Scott Wilson-Billing, Software Developer for MeYuMe. “The TV output option combined with the built-in remote controller feature takes mobile gaming to a new level, as it enables users to use their iOS devices as a wireless hand-held controller while playing the game on the big screen! It essentially turns the user’s iPhone or iPad into a mobile games console.”

Invaders World Tour 3 also includes a tool that enables players to create their own in-game sound effects that can be shared via Bluetooth connections called, vBox. Users can choose from the two different sound themes for game-play; Modern, for new-age players, Retro, for nostalgic ones, or use a theme that they created.

Invaders World Tour 3 is available on all iOS devices for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store at:

About Xtremics:
Xtremics was setup in 2003 with a vision to create an IT services company that would deliver projects on time, on budget and to an agreed quality, every time. In 2009, the company realized that it needed to develop skills within the mobile software industry and spun off a small games company MeYuMe with the aim of re-using the skills learnt from developing games for the iPhone and iPod touch in its core business. MeYuMe is now a leading publisher and developer for phone games and mobile games, built on a history of successful, quality, unique and fun games for everyone.

About Appular:
Appular is an NYC-based company whose mission is to share its world-class experience in marketing, promoting, and publishing apps with innovative mobile app developers across the globe. The Appular team has helped share a multitude of apps with millions of iPhone and Android users. For more information, visit

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