Matching Animals Trailer (iOS) – Coming in March from Minimax Games

Here’s a game that is strictly for the kids out there unless you think you need to brush up on your memory matching skills. Matching Animals from developer Minimax Games is a memory matching game for young children. There are 5 different difficulty settings so it’s quite suitable for kids 2 years old and up. With a pleasing animal them and fun sounds, children should really enjoy this game.

Look for it this month in the App Store. For more information, click the read more link below.


Kids love to play Matching Animals!

Find colorful pairs of animals in this Matching game.
Lots of game modes makes every kid happy.
Can be played by kids without any assistance by adults.

* Developed for kids
* Lots of colorful Animal cards to explore
* 5 different game modes – from 6 to 20 tiles
* Motivational sounds
* Records high score and best time – for the competitive player
* High-resolution graphics for iPhone 4 included!

How to play:
Reveal colorful cards and find animal pairs. Keep playing until every animal has a pair.
Highly motivational sounds and cute animals keeps you playing and playing.

Learn and play:
The game helps your child develop fine-motor skills and learning, recognizing and remembering images, and symbols.

Kids friendly:
Matching Animals is very kids friendly.
Just start the game and your kid can play without any further assistance.
Can be played even by kids who can’t read yet.

Parents make a break:
The game gives you the chance to take a break during daytime while your child plays “Matching Animals”.
The fun is multiplied when you play the game together with your kids!

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