Stem Stumper Now Available in a Free To Try Lite Version

We reviewed Stem Stumper a few weeks ago and found it to be a really unique game based on the fact that you can play the entire game without even having to look at the screen. By using Stem Stumper’s “sonar” mode as well as taking full advantage of the iPhone’s Voice over feature, those with little to no eye sight can enjoy a quick puzzle or two. Stem Stumper’s main feature is that it was made with the sight impaired in mind.

Now you can try out Stem Stumper for free as Ananse Productions has released a free to play Lite version that gives you a little taste of what the game is about. The Lite version will allow you to try 20/110 levels included in the full version. You can grab the game here and if you’d like more information on the game, click the rad more link below for the full press release.

Press Release

Stem Stumper, the innovative puzzle game you can play with your eyes closed, now has a lite version available. You can now try 20 of our brain teasing levels for free before buying the full game. Stem Stumper has been hailed by several sources with Kotaku calling it “… a marvelously novel experience” and No Eyes Needed saying, “… the soundscape of Stem Stumper [is] captivating”.

The inaugural game of Ananse Productions, Stem Stumper is built from the ground up to be enjoyed by both the iPhone’s burgeoning blind community and fully sighted players around the world. Stem Stumper is fully integrated with VoiceOver, Apple’s builtin screen reader for iOS devices. And if you think you can solve our puzzles with a blindfold on, we’ve included a sound only “sonar” mode.

While this is Ananse Productions first project, members of Ananse’s team have already worked on several successful projects. Kwasi Mensah, lead developer and programmer has worked on games as varied as Green Day: Rock Band, Borderlands and Mass Effect: Pinnacle Station. Jennifer Kanis, our lead artist, has worked on the iPhone games in the Curious George franchise for FableVision. Dawn-Marie Dunn, our Audio guru, has been involved in gaming for more than ten years and music for more than twenty composing original audio for Flash projects and sound effects for websites. Eric Sutman, lead Level Desginer has worked with several Boston independent developers include Demiurge Studios and Dejobaan Games.

Stem Stumper Lite Highlights:
* Free!!
* Fully integrated with VoiceOver
* 20 Puzzles
* Sound only “sonar” mode

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later

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