TGWK’s Review – Fruit Blast v2.0.1 (iOS)

Fruit Blast is a fruit shooting game by MEDL Mobile. In the game, you are being attacked by a fruit flinging, crazed monkey. Your job is to shoot all the fruit he throws at you before they hit you. You’ll have to survive each round which lasts for a given amount of time without being hit by too many fruit or its game over. Unlike other “fruit” games we’ve seen in the past, this one does not use the more common method of slashing to destroy fruit. Instead, Fruit Blast makes use of the iPhone’s tilt sensor to do away with the fruit.

The game uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to move the direction in which your weapon fires. A little circle moves around the screen to tell you where your shot will go. You’ll have to tap the fire button to shoot the fruit out of the air, otherwise if it hits you, the fruit “guts” will cover up part of your screen making it hard to see. You can clear away the screen if you have a squeegee handy, otherwise you have to wait until the monkey decides to throw you one out of the kindness of his heart. Back to the firing mechanics, you’ll also have to keep an eye on the amount of ammo you have in your clip and reload often so you don’t get caught off guard with no ammo in your clip. I suggest reloading after each fruit you destroy.

Graphically the game is pretty good. Everything seems to be in 3D and very colorful. On my iPhone 4, I didn’t notice any slowdowns or lag which is a big plus for a game of this nature.

Fruit Blast is a fun game. Aiming takes a bit getting used to if you aren’t accustomed to using the tilt controls, but it should take long to become adjusted to it. Unlocking all the extra content isn’t too hard. It’s easy enough to gain seeds in the game to upgrade your weapons and add new levels so you shouldn’t need to use any of the in-app purchases. All-in-all, a blast to play and a good casual game to keep you busy.

Fruit Blast is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


LOCK N’DOWNLOAD! Fruit Blast is back with new graphics, tighter gameplay and juicier fruit than ever!

Fruit Blast now featured on!

Requirements: 3rd Generation or higher.


The minds of MEDL Mobile are thrilled to throw at you their latest fresh-squeezed creation: Fruit Blast!

Fruit Blast is an explosive action app that delivers a smooth blend of juicy graphics, engaging motion control and First-Person-Survival.


You play to destroy pieces of fruit being hurled at you by a sinister monkey. Fight off his blitzkrieg and show him who’s boss with an arsenal of powerful weapons. It’s easy at first, but be careful—every hit he lands covers part of your screen with mangled fruit pulp, making it hard to see what he throws next.

Defend against the attack with tilt-to-aim accelerometer controls and fully adjustable sensitivity. Pay attention to your ammo clip—if you forget to reload, you’ll get crushed into pulp. Sometimes the monkey will show you some mercy by throwing you a squeegee to clean your screen. Nab every squeegee you can—you’ll need them.

Choose new weapons from a fully stocked armory. Buy guns with larger clips, faster fire rates, greater accuracy and more destructive force. This hateful hominid packs more than one kind of produce, so you’ll need to upgrade your firepower to keep him from blending you into a smoothie.

The more fruit you shoot, the more seeds you earn. Save up seeds to unlock new weapons and stages, or purchase seeds using your iTunes account. The more seeds you’ve got to spend, the bigger guns you can buy. The bigger your guns are, the better the game gets.


There’s an onslaught of airborne arboreal artillery, and it’s heading your way fast. Shoot down every piece of fruit or suffer a shower of colorful splatter.

[via App Store]


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