TGWK’s Review – Safari Dash v1.1 (iOS)

Safari Dash is an endless running game from independent developer Draken Development. This one however differs greatly from many of the other endless running games out there. Most are either side scrollers or jumping type games, but this one much different and utilizes a forward running type style of gameplay where you need to stay on your toes to avoid obstacles you can not see until the last moment. In Safari Dash, you’ll be playing as Dr. Stillrock who must run from a rampaging rhino. How long can you last until the rhino gets you? Dodge obstacles and jump over pits to find out.

This is a very easy game to pick up and play. Casual gamers will enjoy it as well as more experienced players. To run, you hold down on the left of the screen. Safari Dash utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometer to steer Dr. Stillrock either left or right. The more you tilt, the faster he moves left or right. You’ll need to do this to avoid trees and rocks which will be in your way. Occasionally you’ll also encounter deadly pits that you’ll need to jump over. To jump, you just tap on the right side of the screen.

The graphics in the game are pretty good and there is a lot of detail in the levels. Most of the drawn objects in the game are 2D based, but the game has a 3D like feel to it as you are running forward. It’s a nice effect that offers fast gameplay and zero slowdowns. The graphics and user interface does have that indie feel to it, but I think that is all part of the charm in this game.

Safari Dash is what I would consider an evolution of the endless running genre. It’s the first forward running game I’ve come across on the iPhone and I’m guessing that it’s probably not going to be the last now. As one of the first though, it does a good job of setting the benchmark fairly high and anyone who picks up this game will be surprised at how fun the game is and how easy it is to just pick up and play. You’ll also appreciate the fact that each time you play Safari Dash, the level will be completely different as they are randomly generated on the fly. This means the game has great replay value as you’ll never play the same level twice. It’s a great game that really shows off what an indie developer can come up with.

Safari Dash is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Get ready for some “Good ol’ Jungle Dodging Fun”!
How long can you outrun the mightiest of the rhinos?
Can you dodge the on-coming obstacles and bound deadly pits?
Play as Dr Stillrock in this epic adventure of Safari Dash and find out for yourself just why you’ll simply get addicted!
It offers a dynamic and continually changing gameplay with increasing difficulty for those that become addicts!

Every game you play will be a whole new adventure waiting to happen giving you the exciting race against the rhino while having to dodge, jump and rush oncoming obstacles!

The forward running game layout offers a unique and adrenaline pumping gameplay, your quick thinking skills will be needed so as to stay alive and master your skills as the Safari Master!

As each game progresses and the further you get, your speed will be increased and harder obstacles will be thrown at you. This allows those more experienced gamers a continual challenge to keep increasing the excitement!

It’s a fast-paced, action-packed and overall thrilling game. Play it now to see what all the fuss is all about before your friends beat you to it!

Fully integrated GameCenter and OpenFeint allows you to connect with other players and verse the rest of the world to get the highest score. 19 achievements getting you to do all kinds of weird and wacky things are just another way to keep you hooked.

Get your adrenalin pumping and get Safari Dash to play the best forward scrolling game on the app store!

*** Features ***
– Hi-Res Retina Graphics
– Accelerometer based steering
– Dynamic level creation offers a continually changing gameplay so you’ll never get bored.
– OpenFeint and GameCenter integrated so you can connect to your friends
– Over 19 Achievements to unlock that will keep you hooked
– Large stats list gives you interesting facts about your game play
– Facebook and Twitter are fully integrated so you can share your score with friends
– Vibrant music and sound effects offer that extra edge

**Not recommended for the OLD iPhone 3G**

[via App Store]

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