Opinion: Will I Subscribe to the New Qwikster?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock today, you’ve probably heard that Reed Hastings, co-founder and CEO of Netflix has announced that Netflix’s DVD delivery service will be spun off and renamed as Qwikster. While this may baffle some current subscribers, it actually does make sense. It will allow Netflix to evolve further as a streaming service without having to worry about the DVD side of the business.

I’m all for Netflix getting better as it is one of the streaming services I use the most. Hopefully with the split, it will allow for Netflix to concentrate on adding newer movies to the service which it has been seriously lacking lately. I’d also like to see them fill in the gaps of the older movies which didn’t show up on Netflix either and only had the option to rent them on DVD.

I was one of the Netflix customers who recently canceled my DVD subscription and switched to the streaming only service. This was done because I honestly did not want to pay an extra $7.99/month on what amounted to me renting at most, only 4 DVDs/month. However, Qwikster has piqued my interest because of one addition that the old Netflix service did not have – game rentals. This one one thing that I always wished Netflix had. Currently, I have a Blockbuster by mail subscription which is $8.99/month. Why have this if Netflix is $1 cheaper? Simple. Blockbuster allows me to rent games which is what I use it for because it is way cheaper then renting games through Gamefly and unlike Gamefly, I have the option to rent movies still if I wanted.

This is why I’m excited about the new Qwikster. Qwikster with games would be what I’m getting with Blockbuster, except with much better delivery times. That’s the one thing with the Blockbuster that annoys me the most and that is the amount of time it takes for them to deliver me games. Sometimes it takes days from when they ship out a disc to me before I actually see it where as Netflix, when they shipped out a disc, I’d ALWAYS see it the next day. It was very consistent and honestly, I had zero complaints ever about the service. If they can price the addition of game rentals on par with what I’m paying for Blockbuster, I’d easily sign right back up with them and drop my Blockbuster account.

Anyways, it will be interesting to see what Qwikster does as I’m all for evolving a company if it means I’ll get better service and more features.

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