Simogo’s Beat Sneak Bandit Sneaks in a Trailer

Looks like Simogo is at it again. One of the more creative independent developers out there will be releasing their third game in early 2012. It’s called Beat Sneak Bandit and it looks to be as fun as their other two games. It too will feature and creative and offbeat storyline as well as unique artwork that will really set it apart from others. The trailer above shows promise of a game that should be another hit for Simogo.


When all the clocks in the world are stolen by Baron Von Clockface and the world is in chaos, it’ll be up to the Beat Sneak Bandit to steal them back. Sneak to the beat to infiltrate the bizarre clockwork mansion and avoid patrolling guards, security lights and other dangers!

It takes both cunning and rhythmical timing to solve the puzzles. Listen and watch the rhythms to learn the patterns, then tap to the beat to sneak and figure out how to get every clock on the level by timing your steps correctly. But be careful – if your taps are off beat, clocks will self-destroy!

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