Kidz Gear Launches Headphones For Kids Made Especially For Apple Devices

Kid’s headphones are very difficult to find, especially ones that are comfortable to use. I’ve only seen ones from Sony and those headphones sat on top of the ear and didn’t look very comfortable. With that, Kidz Gear has announced that they have released new Apple specific versions of their Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids. These headphones feature volume limiting technology we well as an inline microphone and remote.

What I like about these is that these feature over the year padded cups that go around the ears instead of on top of the ears for better comfort. The main draw obviously is the volume limiting feature which limits listening volume to between 80dB and 90dB levels. The Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids are available now and priced at $29.95 which is a fair price for kid’s headphones.

For more information, click the read more link below.

Press Release

January 26, 2012, El Dorado Hills, CA — Kidz Gear, the Grown-up Performance, Built For Kids! brand, announced today that its award-winning line of Wired Headphones for Kids has been expanded to include a NEW Apple version designed specifically for the iPod, iPhone and iPad – the Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids.  This Apple-specific version of the popular Kidz Gear headphones feature unique “KidzControl™” Volume Limiting Technology for a safe listening experience while helping to protect children’s hearing; an Inline Microphone; and a Remote with controls for Track Up, Track Down, and more.

KidzControl™ Volume Limiting Technology

Integrated into the new Apple headphones is the proprietary KidzControl™ Volume Limiting Technology,delivering an “always-on” safe volume limited listening experience for children of all ages, with maximum volume levels limited to between 80dB and 90dB levels.  Ergonomically designed with soft padded child-sized ear-cups, high-quality audio components and value priced at only $29.95, the Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids are the perfect travel accessory for keeping children quiet and happy during long trips away from home.

Microphone Records Audio, Answers Phone, Issues Voice Commands to SIRI

The Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids Inline Microphone can be used to record audio, issue a voice command to iPhone’s SIRI personal assistant and answer phone calls on the iPhone, or talk through aninternet phone, such as Skype.  The Remote controls volume up and down, as well as lets the user play, pause, skip a track, return to a previous track or even hear the playlist that is currently active.

“Clearly, one of the largest growing groups of users of our Kidz Gear headphones have been children using their iPods, iPhones and iPads,” said Laurie Peterson, Founder, Kidz Gear.  “By adding these Apple-specific features, children are sure to get a more enjoyable and safe listening experience from their Apple products.”

The Kidz Gear Apple Wired Headphones for Kids are available immediately, priced at $29.95 and available from Apple (at stores and online at: as well as and  All Kidz Gear Headphones have a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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