TGWK’s Review – Penguin Pairs v1.0 (iOS)

Penguin Pairs is the latest children’s matching game from developer Minimax Games. This is their newest matching game they’ve come out with and like their previous games, this one improves upon the formula they’ve been successful thus far. The game features sea animals and I would assume is a follow up to Sea Matching. The gameplay in Penguin Paris is similar to that of their last game, Animal Zoo Match. The game features Mystery Mode which I’ll explain later but it makes the game a lot more challenging for children, especially those who think standard matching games are too easy. Minimax has also added a new “Pop the Balloons” minigame which appears after the completion of each round. Basically a bunch of balloons show up and you must pop them in order to receive bonus points that get added to your final score.

Again, I’ll start off by saying that if you’ve played Minimax’s other matching games, this one will be quite familiar too you. Gameplay mechanics are the same but there are now 6 different difficulty levels you can play. Match sea animal pairs with each other until you clear the board. Mystery Mode has been carried over, which we last saw in Animal Zoo Match. In this game mode, you can still choose 6 different difficulty level, but instead of matching animal pictures, you’ll be matching them based on their sounds. That means that as they flip over cards, they’ll hear the sound of the animal instead of a picture of the animal. This makes the game so much harder because unusually, games like this are based on visual memory and not auditory memory. New to this game is the inclusion of the “Pop the Balloons” minigame which appears after completing each round. Pop as many balloon as you can and those bonus points get added to the final score.

In Penguin Pairs, the artwork is again much improved from their previous games. It seems like with each new iteration, the graphics, artwork, and sounds get better and better. Is it worth picking up this title if you’ve already bought any of the previous ones? It’s a toss up. If you’re child is still into matching games, the inclusion of Mystery Mode and the new “Pop the Balloons” mini game can be fun and challenging. If you’ve never bought any of the previous matching games, this is definitely the version to get, especially with the new game mode.

Penguin Pairs is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Do you love little penguins and dolphins ? Penguin Pairs is a matching memory game with colorful sea animals, magic sounds and the “Pop the balloons” mini game.

Test and improve your memory skills and play now to find all animal pairs!

Penguin Pairs has two game modes with 6 levels for all ages.

Each animal makes a magic sound!

The animated aquarium backgrounds adds icing to the cake!!

The FUN does not stop here!

Play the “Pop the ballons” mini game when you cleared the board.

Ready for more fun challenges? Then try to find all animal pairs in the Mystery game mode. Good luck!

[via App Store]


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