TGWK’s Memories of the Past – Olympus 35 DC

I’m trying something new today seeing as everyone seems to call Thursday, Throwback Thursday. Thursday on this site will be dedicated to one vintage/retro item that I had fond memories of as a child or something that had a major impact on me growing up.

With that said, I’m going to start things off by posting up one of the earliest cameras I had a chance to shoot with as a young child. This camera belonged to my parents and was something they had brought back with them when first moving here from Taiwan almost 30+ years ago, so to say that this camera holds some significance in my life would be a huge understatement.

What you’re looking at is an Olympus 35 DC film camera. It no longer works, or at least I don’t think it does as I’ve never tried again to get it up and shooting again since finding it many years ago buried in the back of my parent’s closet. Considering how old it is, it’s in fairly good condition except for a small break at what I’m assuming was the timer delay for the shutter release.

As you can see, Olympus was using the F.Zuiko lenses here and this one had a really fast f/1.7 lens. The lens is not removable, which is a shame as I would have liked to use this on one of my newer cameras.

From this angle, you can really see how simple, yet beautiful this camera was and how even today, many “retro” style cameras get their inspiration from these designs. It’s also interesting to note how solid and heavy these cameras were despite their small size.

Here’s a nice shot of the interior of the Olympus 35 DC. I remember how careful you had to be back then to unroll the film and to make sure that when you were done shooting, to wind the film back up again before popping the door back open.  I have no idea what that “BLC” button is for.

I have read that the Olympus 35 DC had a really interesting flash system. There isn’t one built in and I don’t ever remember using one with this camera as a kid. You needed to use an external flash unit that attached to the hot shoe. According to this one site, “The hot shoe alows the usage of flash in a particular way also: you tell the camera what is the guide nunber of your flash unit and, as you focus your subject, the aperture is set according to the distance!”

Well that’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe some of you out there even used or still own this camera. If any of you have restored one of these or know how to, please shoot me over a link as I would really love to get this camera back into shooting condition.

Images taken with an old school Canon Powershot G6 and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3. 

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