TGWK’s Review – Cowboy Studio’s Nikon to NEX Lens Adaptor

This is an item that I’ve been thinking of getting for quite some time. It might not have been this exact item, but basically I was in the market for a Nikon to NEX lens adapter for my Sony NEX-5N. I wanted one because I had a couple of Sigma lenses from my old Nikon SLR days that I wanted to use with the camera. This was also a way for me to save quite a bit of money so that I wouldn’t have to reinvest in a similar lens size. After a quick search on Amazon, I decided to go with the Cowboy Studio Nikon Lens to Sony NEX NEX-3 NEX-5 Camera Mount Adapter. I chose this one partially based on the price and the user reviews.

The Cowboy Studio adapter is pretty basic. It’s just a metal adapter that allows you to affix a Nikon lens to your NEX camera. There are no special features and the adapter will not allow you to use any automatic features on your lens. That means no automatic aperture adjustments or auto focus. On the Sony NEX-5N though, it’s not that big a deal because the camera does a superb job of dealing with manual settings.

I chose to use the adapter on an old Sigma UC Zoom 70-210mm lens. As you can see, it makes the once small and compact NEX-5N quite large and almost ridiculous looking. However, as massive as it looks, I’m actually really loving how stealth it is with all the black on it. I don’t mind the size as I carry a bag with me when I go out shooting, so a setup like this doesn’t bother me at all.

The adapter is all metal. It seems like the body of the adapter is made from 1 solid piece with another ring attached to it that allows for the Nikon mount lens to connect. The lens will lock into place so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, but it is also easy to remove when you need to. Like I stated above, there are no electrical connections so auto anything on the lens will not work and must be used in manual mode. The Nikon mount potion fits very tight and snug on the Sigma lens I used to test this out on with no wiggle. The same goes for the E-mount portion of the mount that connects to the Sony. It’s also quite tight and has no wiggle room. Overall a very solid and firm setup.

Don’t be surprised when you get this and find that it comes in a pretty generic box. I have a feeling this is just some rebranded, made in China adapter that lots of people sell as their own. It makes no difference to me however as all I care about is that it works and it does.

All-in-all, the $25 Cowboy Studio adapter does what I needed it to do and that was to use my Sigma Nikon mount lens to my Sony NEX-5N. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles some of the more expensive adapters might have, but then again, it only cost me $25.

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