TGWK’s Review – The Lightfall Codex v1.0 (iOS)

The Lightfall Codex is a fast-paced, skill based reaction game from developer EnsenaSoft. The story in the game is as follows, you are an archaeologist working a dig at Chichén Itzá, but a accident occurs and you have fall into a deep cenote. Trapped underground, you discover a hidden temple with an ominous message. “Within this temple are the pages of The Lightfall Codex. Only with all of its pages in your grasp can you prevent the world’s impending doom.” You must journey into the temple, find all the codex pages, and stop whatever terrible event is going to happen. The Lightfall Codex challenges consist of high speed, reaction based games that will test your hand-eye coordination.

The basic gameplay of this game is to tap the circles whenever they light up. You are given a time limit to try and tap as many circles as you can when they light up. Not only that, you’ll be playing against a computerized opponent and must also beat his score in order to continue on to the next level. It’s a clever way of getting you to really concentrate on being faster and makes the game much more challenging.

There is one problem with the game though and I think it’s a fairly large problem. You see, if you quit the game even after completing a level, the game will revert back to the beginning with no way of starting back up where you left off. The same goes for if you are multitasking and decide to switch to an app real quick to check a notification and then back to the game again, it will also restart the entire game. It’s quite frustrating because not everyone has that kind of time on their hands to play the entire game all the way through in one sitting. For me especially, I don’t have that kind of time anymore so something like this is pretty disappointing. Hopefully they can fix this in an update.

The Lightfall Codex is certainly a neat game and one that will test your hand-eye coordination. Not only that, it has a pretty neat story that will keep you engrossed win the gameplay. I like also the fact that this isn’t just some simple looking game and a lot of effort went into making this game look good with the correct themes and mood set by the story. However, there is an underlying problem with the game as I explained above that might really annoy people. If they can fix this, The Lightfall Codex would be that much more fun. Until then, it’s still a good game, but it’s really hard to get too much in to it when you have to start over each time you play.

The Lightfall Codex is available now in the App Store for free. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Push your Reaction and Hand-Eye Coordination Skills to their Absolute Limits today!

While working as part of an archeological team at Chichén Itzá, you have fallen into a deep cenote. As you swim to the shore of the underground pond you discover an ancient hidden temple.

You translate the description at the entrance. “Within this temple are the pages of The Lightfall Codex. Only with all of its pages in your grasp can you prevent the world’s impending doom.”

There is only one problem… to the right and left of the temple doors are Tzompantli skull racks. Within the temple the Mayan gods are protecting each of the ten temple rooms. After centuries of laying in wait they are restless for some fun.

You must beat them in their games to win each codex page. If they defeat you there will be another skull in the Tzompantli skull racks. Your own fate and the fate of the world is in your hands.

This adrenaline pumping high speed reflex game will keep you on your toes from start to finish. Starting in a hidden temple and ending with a terrifying storm… only you can defeat the ancient Mayan gods at their own game and save humanity by retrieving the pages of The Lightfall Codex!

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