TGWK’s Review – Stop the Knights v1.2 (iOS)

Stop the Knights is a tower defense game from developer Red Knight Studio. Unlike some other tower defense games where you are trying to keep out the monsters, this time, you play as Dracula and must summon monsters in order to protect your castle from the knights who wish to do you hard. Stop the Knights also differs from classic tower defense games in that the graphics and animations are actually quite good and you play this from a 2-dimentional side perspective instead of a faux-3d over the top view. There are very few tower defense games that really grab my attention these days, thanks in part to the high standard that Plants vs Zombies put on the whole genre, but Stop the Knights is worth a serious look.

If you’ve played Plants vs Zombies, Stop the Knights will be very easy for you to jump into. Defend your castle against the invading knights and keep them from destroying your orbs. You can place minions on the field based on how much mana you’ve acquired. Mana builds up slowly over time but you can acquire mana more quickly by placing Spirit Bombs on the field. They generate +5 extra mana for each Spirit Bomb that is active. This means that if you have a lot on the board, mana will regenerate super fast. As you play though the levels, you’ll be able to create up to 7 different types of minions and as many minions as you can produce mana for.

Like Plants vs Zombies, enemies will come in waves of increasing difficulty. Strategically place your minions to fend them off. In between each wave, you’ll have time to rebuild your forces. Just remember that they’ll send more powerful knights after each wave so you’ll want to save up your mana so you can play your more powerful minions.

Stop the Knights is a fun tower defense game. I’m actually really into it because of the similarities it has with Plants vs Zombies, in terms of gameplay and I do really like how the whole game looks and feels. The character designs are pretty good and there is a noticeable difference between each character and their abilities which makes choosing who to place on the field more strategic and less random. Overall, an interesting game and one that tower defense lovers should like.

Stop the Knights is available now in the App Store for Free (limited time only). It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Ever wanted to play as the all powerful Dracula himself?

Experience what it feels like to summon classic minions like Skeletons and Bats to fight off a nasty invasion of knights! Amass an incredible army and watch the knights crumble at your might!

Players all begin with a castle they must defend. Knights will enter the castle in waves, and players must summon his minions into the rooms in the castle to fight off the knights before they reach Dracula’s throne room.

With a simple but deep resource system and huge variety of minions, each with their own distinct powers and abilities. Players will find themselves in a world where every level plays out differently and can be beaten in many different ways!

– Minions move around the castle with their own quirks and behaviors. Plan the best place to place your minions for the best results!
– 20 custom designed levels, each with its special layouts and quirks, with even more levels to come!
– 7 different minions to summon including the Cyclops and Dragons!
– Re-play levels to achieve a ‘Flawless’ rating!

[via App Store]


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