TGWK’s Review – Patchworld v2.3.1 (iOS)

Patchworld is a line tracing game from developer Egg Ball. The premise of the game is to help Lexie Cut create objects in her world using different shapes and patterns. You must trace each shape carefully and accurately and after all the shapes are presented to you, Lexie will turn them into wonderful creations that she will display for you. You get to create clothing, hair styles, and more.

As you can probably guess as stated above, the entire game consists of tracing shapes that are presented to you. Each level consists of several shapes you’ll need to cut out by tracing the outline. After all the shapes are cut out, Lexie will show you what you made and then assess how well you did by rating your performance with a 1-3 star rating. Like with most games, gaining more stars will allow you to unlock more parts of the game. It’s not incredibly hard to play and the concept is actually quite simple.

The main problem with this game however is that it is incredibly hard to be accurate in the game due to the fact that on the iPhone, using your fingers just doesn’t work that well. I’m not saying that it’s hard to draw on it. What I’m saying is that you can not see through your fingers so you can’t exactly see precisely where the line is that you need to trace. That means that you will rarely be 100% accurate when tracing making it difficult to 3-star most levels unless you are really lucky. On the iPad, it’s much easier to trace the shapes but the small size of the iPhone just doesn’t work for games like this.

Patchworld however is a unique and good looking game, although the free part of the game doesn’t nearly give you enough to play. You get 2 full levels to try out but there are tons more after that that need to be purchased in order to unlock. I do suggest that if you’re going to play this on your iPhone, use a stylus as this will make the game so much easier to play.

Patchworld is available now in the App Store for Free, though opening up the full game will cost $1.99 as an in-app purchase. It is a universal app and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later.


Cut with your fingertips!
Help the young Lexie Cut to create her world by cutting and assembling various shapes and different colors. Once assembled, discover colorful and funny Lexie’s animations. To complete a level you must be as accurate as possible. Expect if you do not follow the dotted lines and let your imagination guide you!

Hurry up It’s going to “cut”!
Lexie Cut has a busy life. However, her smartphone battery is less so. Can you cut out all shapes on time?

New version features:
-More Challenge
-A friendlier menu
-Time Attack Mode for more difficulties
-Lots of new themes planned for soon
-Still mischievous and clumsy Lexie.

[via App Store]


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