Think Tank Photo Pro Speed Belt v2.0, Pixel Racing Harness v2.0, and Camera Support Straps v2.0 Review []

As you know, I’ve used Think Tank Photo equipment before and I’ve been pretty impressed so far with the Retrospective 5 I’m still using as well as the Shape Shifter Backpack. These are both great ways to hold all your gear, but what if you don’t really need all of that or if you’re on a shoot and you need to get to your equipment quickly? Well, today I’ll be looking at the Think Tank Photo Pro Speed Belt v2.0, Pixel Racer Harness v2.0, and the Camera Support Strap v2.0. All these items are sold separately but all work in conjunction with each other to form a cohesive system to hold your essential photo gear.

Pro Speed Belt v2.0

The Pro Speed Belt v2.0 is center of this system. You will need to purchase this item in order to really make use of the other 2 items listed above. Some photographers do not like having to shoulder backpacks or shoulder bags and would much rather carry their equipment using a belt system. The Pro Speed Belt allows you to attach any number of Think Tank Photo Modular Component systems and Skin pouches in order to carry specific items. For instance, if you only want to carry your DSLR, you’d attach the Skin Body Bag to it or the Hubba Hubba Hiney. If you need extra lenses, you’d attach any number of lens pouches that are available like the Lens Changer 15 or the Lens Drop pouch. You can even attach pouches for your water bottle, flash attachments, and miscellaneous accessories.

It’s a versatile belt system that Think Tank Photo has a lot of accessories for. What I really like about it is that it not only allows you to attach all these different kinds of pouches, it also has a locking mechanism to keep pouches in place so they won’t slide around. You can choose whether or not to lock the pouches down depending on how you attach the pouches to the belt. How big of a belt you purchase and what your waist size it will determain how many pouches you can fit on the belt. I have a small waist so I’m only able to fit a few pouches on at a time.

The locking mechanism for the belt is quite strong and made of really thick plastic. It takes a bit of force to release the buckle which is great because you’ll know that it won’t just come undone on its own. The Pro Speed Belt is heavily padded all around most of the entire belt and feels very comfortable when worn and doesn’t cut into your waist at all. Sizing of the belt is also very easy to adjust and I like how they included metal sizing locks to keep things secure.

Technical Specifications:

  • Nylon webbing, Rock Lockster® buckles, high-density closed cell foam, TouchTex™ mesh, 3-ply bonded nylon thread

The Think Tank Photo Pro Speed Belt v2.0 retails for $39.75 and can be purchased directly from their website here.

Pixel Racing Harness v2.0

The Pixel Racer Harness v2.0 isn’t really a necessary item when using the Pro Speed Belt but it can be a very useful item that will extend the functionality of your belt. The main reason to use the Pixel Racer Harness is to evenly distribute your equipment’s weight between your shoulder and hips when using the Pro Speed Belt. Sometimes when you have too many pouches attached to the belt, it can get quite heavy on your hips so you would attach the Pixel Racer Harness so that your shoulders can help take some of the weight off. The shoulder harness itself is very similar to what you’d find on their backpack designs which means that it is padded quite nicely and very comfortable to wear.

The Pixel Racer Harness attaches to the Pro Speed Belt in 3 different spots. Two up front and one in the rear. It is very easy to attach by slipping the buckles through the Pro Speed Belt loops and locking them in place. You can then adjust the length of the harness for precise fitment.

The Pixel Racer Harness doesn’t just hold up the Pro Speed Belt though. It also has added functionality. There are 2 elastic stretch pockets included in the harness to hold small accessories like extra memory cards or keys. It also includes 2 D-rings that allow you to attach accessories to them, like the Camera Support Straps v2.0 which we’ll look at in a bit. It also has several nylon webbings up top to also attach accessories as well.

Technical Specifications:

  • Folded Up Dimensions: 8.5” x 2” x 3” (22 x 5 x 8 cm)
  • 420D velocity nylon, 3D air mesh, nylon webbing, Rock Lockster® buckles, ultra stretch pockets, 3-ply bonded nylon thread

The Pixel Racer Harness v2.0 is a one size fits all item and is available on their site for $39.75 here.

Camera Support Straps v2.0

The Camera Support Straps v2.0 is an add-on that can actually be used with either the Pixel Racer Harness or any of the Think Tank Photo backpacks. In fact, it’s also possible to use them on any backpack as long as your shoulder straps have the required webbings to attach these too.

The main function of the Camera Support Strap is to help hang your for quick use. It also helps relieve the pressure from neck strains as the camera is supported up front instead of your neck and shoulders. The attachments hooks can be connected to the Think Tank Photo Camera Strap and and they can be used to hold 1 or 2 DSLRs. I also found that it was possible to attach camera’s too that were fitted with larger D-ring adapters.

The Camera Support Straps are very easy to install and remove thanks to the quick release locks that are made from very thick plastic. The hooks themselves are made from antique nickel. The strap is completely adjustable for length and very easy to lengthen or shorten with just a pull of the tabs. The Camera Support Straps aren’t really a necessary item, but they do provide some much needed relief from neck strain if you plan using your camera all day.

Technical Specifications:

  • Set of two (2) accessory straps
  • Length: 6–19” (15.2–48.3 cm)
  • Weight: 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg)
  • Antique nickel plated metal hardware, nylon webbing, 3-ply bonded nylon thread

The Camera Support Straps v2.0 is available on their website for $15.00 here.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great system of support products that are great for long shoots. It’s a great way to keep all your essential gear easily accessible and close by without having to hold all of your gear. I’d use it if you were taking a job as something like a wedding photographer or shooting someone’s birthday or an event. I probably wouldn’t use it for street photography however as it’s a bit overkill for something like that. I’d probably detach the whole setup and only use the belt for that and a couple of attached pouches. It is a great system though and I love how Think Tank Photo has all these options and accessories you can use for them.

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