InstaCommentor for Instagram v1.3 for iOS Review []

For those of you who live and breath Instagram, you know how hard it can be sometimes to keep up with comments on there and how easy it is to miss them. Notifications don’t always appear like they should and the news tab on Instagram sometimes doesn’t alert you or you forget to check it. That’s where InstaCommentor for Instagram comes in by developer GMY Studio. The sole purpose of InstaCommentor is to keep you informed of which comments you have on each photo that have and have not been replied to. This app keeps you informed of your own photos and the comments associated with those photos, not of other people’s images you have commented on. Just keep that in mind.

Setting up InstaCommentor is simple enough. Just login with your Instagram credentials and you are set. InstaCommentor will bring up the latest 20 photos you have on your IG feed and will show you the following – how long ago the photo was posted, how many likes it has, how many total comments you have, and how many you have replied and not replied to. Tapping the “replied” section brings up a list of comments separated into 3 tabs – Not Replied, Replied, and All Comments. From any comment, you can tap the dialog icon on the right and then click the reply button to reply directly to that person. You can even select multiple people to reply to at once.

The app however does not do push notifications so you’ll need to open up the app and refresh things manually to see if you got any new comments. That might be a drag for some, but I already get push notifications for Instagram and don’t like seeing notifications repeated multiple times just because I’m using separate apps.

InstaCommentor makes it very easy to keep track of comments on your photos. If you get a lot of comments, this makes things much easier and is a great way to keep track of who you have and have not answered back. I also really like the little bits of extra information the app gives you and the ability to open up images in Instagram directly if you need to see the original post. The only thing I think it needs is a way to keep track of other people’s photos that you’ve commented on, but even on Instagram itself, this is a difficult thing to do. As a tool though, InstaCommentor is well worth the price for what it does.

InstaCommentor for Instagram is available now in the App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


InstaCommenter shows “Unreplied” and “Replied” comments on your Instagram posts.
You can reply to comments by tapping and the replied comments will automatically be moved to the “replied” list.

Don’t leave hundreds of comments from your friends unreplied.
Save your time scrolling up the comment table view to find unreplied comments.

The following useful features are provided.

** Comments **
– Views of “Unreplied”, “Replied” and “All comments” for each post.
– Selects comments to reply by tapping comments cells.
– Ids who wrote selected comments are pasted on the type view.
– After comments are replied, they are moved to “Replied” comments view.
– Reloading comments to a post.

** Posts **
– Lists your posts with the number of “Unreplied” and “Replied” comments.
– Reloads posts.

** Etc **
You can see the total numbers of “Unreplied”, “Replied” and “All comments”.
You can logout and login to another Instagram account.

[via App Store]


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