ManageFlitter Review – The Smarter Way to Manage Twitter []

If you’re a heavy Titter user, than you know how difficult it can be trying to keep track of hundreds or even thousands of users, especially if you aren’t glued to Twitter all day. One of the biggest problems with Twitter is that once you start gaining followers in the thousands, it gets harder and harder to weed out who is real and who is a spam bot. I started using ManageFlitter almost a year ago and have really been using it to clean out both my follower and following lists. Yes, sometimes you feel like you are obliged to follow everyone who follows you on Twitter, but that can cause huge headaches when it comes to weeding out relevant information in your Twitter stream, especially when you become bombarded with spam tweets. That’s why I started using ManageFlitter to weed out dead accounts, spambots, and people who have unfollowed in the past.

Recently, ManageFlitter has gone through a huge refresh with their user interface and now have a pro account that does a lot more than what the free version did in the past. Because of this, ManageFlitter has asked me to take a look at the new site a let all the readers out there know about the new features. Below are some of the features you’ll find with ManageFlitter.


  • Sort your followers/following lists by a range of criteria
  • Find new people to follow with our comprehensive search facility
  • Find out when most of your followers are online and schedule tweets appropriately with our PowerPost feature
  • Answer “Who unfollowed me on Twitter“?
  • Track who unfollowed you
  • Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Track keyword mentions on Twitter with our Analytics feature (coming soon)
  • And much more!

Some of these new features might not be that useful to casual Twitter users, but to the pros and business users, many of these features are must haves in order to be a power user. one of the more useful features in the pro account is being able to look analytics data and bring up such information as your follwer stats, who has unfollowed you recently, and how many you have followed recently as well. Another very useful features is in the PowerPost tab which allows you to see when the busiest times on Twitter are and then being able to schedule tweets accordingly. In my case, it seems like the busiest times with the most users on are between 1-5pm. Very helpful if you are trying to get the most views out of your tweets. In this tab, it’s also possible to schedule tweets, meaning you can type up several tweets at the beginning of the day and have ManageFlitter post them for you at certain times. Again, very useful to those who can’t afford to monitor Twitter all day long.

Honestly, there are a ton of features that are very useful on ManageFlitter for power users and businesses. To get the most of Twitter, you really need to engage your community and that can be hard at times if you are just using vanilla Twitter. ManageFlitter takes care of many of Twitter’s missing features and does everything you’d want a power app to do, besides forcing people to follow you of course. I’d check out their free service first and see if it’s right for you but all the added features in the Pro version are worth the membership fees. The analytics, PowerPosting feature, and being able to track hashtag statistics alone are worth the price.

ManageFlitter can be used for free, but the pro feature can be enabled for as little as $12 a month with plans for multiple accounts management as well. It’s contract free so you can actually go from month to month and only pay for it when you are going to use it. You can check out these rates here: It’s a great took for Twitter, especially if you are using it for business purposes or for self promotion.

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