Case-Mate Tough Case for iPhone 5 Review []

Here’s one case manufacturer that everyone should be familiar with, and that is Case-Mate. They’ve been making smartphone cases for as long as I can remember and have been supporting Apple’s iPhone since the beginning. I can even say that I’ve owned several Case-Mate cases in the past and have been generally happy with their designs and quality of their products. With that said, one of the first cases I’m checking out right now from Case-Mate is their Tough case for the iPhone 5 which has been slightly enhanced for the new phone.

The Case-Mate Tough case is a 2-piece protective case that includes a flexible bumper with a hard, polycarbonate outer shell. Installing it is easy enough. Just separate the 2 parts. Install the bumper first which wraps around the entire outer perimeter of iPhone’s edge. Then snap the hard shell on the back and you’re done. It forms a very protective unit which will keep your entire iPhone free from damage, minus the screen. The only open areas on the case are for the mute switch, audio jack, speaker and mic holes, and the lightning port. The volume and sleep/wake buttons are covered up for extra protection but can still be used like normal. The bumper also wraps around the front screen a bit which I really like because if you have a white iPhone, it helps keep the white border around the screen clean and away from dirt. It also keeps the screen from touching and surfaces when placed face down.

Unlike most other tough labeled cases, the Case-Mate Tough case is incredibly thin for case in this category. Case-Mate claims is thinner than the previous generation Tough case, though I’ve never seen the previous one to compare. Its new thin design also comes with a lot of style. The rear casing has a almost rubbery feeling textured design that not only looks good, but feels good. It adds quite a bit of grip to an otherwise slippery phone. Case-Mate even decorated the interior of the hard-case a funky geometric design even though you can’t see it after you install the case. It’s details like this that make the Tough case impressive to look at.


  • Enhanced two-piece design makes Tough slimmer than ever with improved impact resistance and shock dispersion
  • New shock-absorbing flexible bumper provides secure fit and sleek color contrast
  • New interior liner adds greater protection and impressive detailed pattern.
  • Lay-flat bezel design protects your screen from directly contacting surfaces
  • Rugged, textured finish for and easy-to-hold and secure grip

Most people do not like rugged cases because they are usually very bulky and come in boring colors. You get none of these problems with the Case-Mate Tough case for the iPhone 5. It’s very thin looking for a tough case and it comes in a few really wild colors along with the basic black. There are colors to suit both men and women. You can grab the Case-Mate Tough case for the iPhone 5 here on their website or from the handy links below. It’s available in 5 unique colors for $40.00 a piece.

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