id America Hue iPhone 5 Case Review

Looks like I’ve added another item to my growing stack of iPhone 5 cases. As you know, I’m a big fan of cases. Not only because they help me protect my iPhone, but also because there are some really fashionable cases out there that look great. It’s a quick and easy way to customize your device to reflect both your mood and style and they usually don’t cost that much. I have a few companies I really like and usually look to them for new cases and one of them is id America. Since discovering them last year, I’ve become a huge fan of their cases. They have a variety of different kinds to suit your needs and they usually come in a dizzying array of colors. One of their newest cases this year for the iPhone 5 is the Hue line. The Hue is a 2-piece polycarbonate case that is similar to their ICE / DRY ICE cases but has a soft touch rubber coating on it in various pastel colors.

Installation is very straight forward. It’s a 2-piece case so all you have to do is place your iPhone into the back piece first and then snap the front piece on by pressing down around the border. Once on, it forms a secure fit around your iPhone protecting almost every inch of your device except for the screen. It does wrap itself around the edges of the screen however so it will allow you to lay your iPhone face down without the screen touching the surface. As a bonus with the Hue, id America also includes a clear screen protector which helps protect the screen from scratches. This makes a Hue a very good overall package.

If you’re worried that the Hue will add bulk to your device, don’t be. Somehow, id America figured out how to make these cases even thinner making the Hue about the same thickness as the old iPhone 4. Overall, the Hue is a very nice case. It’s very sturdy, has a slick soft rubber coating for grip, and the polycarbonate construction will help with protecting your device against drops and bumps. The only downside is that the front piece can break if you’re not careful with it while removing it. This however is usually the case with most 2-piece cases.

The id America Hue is available in Blue, Green, Gray, Pink, Violet, and White. It retails for an affordable $19.95 which also includes a front clear screen protector. You can buy these directly from id America here.

This review is made possible with my affiliation with G Style Magazine. It is also featured at the G Style Magazine website which is a tech blog that focuses on the fashion aspect of tech. Please visit their site for the complete review and more images.


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