ComicFlow v1.1 for iPad Review [Read Before Updating]

comicflow_iconUPDATE 04.29.14: There is a new version of this app out which raises the version number to 1.4. I have an updated review here. I suggest reading it

ComicFlow is a comic book reader from developer Pol-Online. It supports comic books in .cbr, .cbz and pdf file formats. I had reviewed the previous version of the app here if you want to take a look at it. This update brings the app to v1.1 now with a few new features, bug fixes, and changes. Some of these changes are welcome, some are not. In fact, as much as I like the new changes, I may have to revert back to the previous version and suggest that some of you hold off updating until you read what these changes are first and decide whether or not they are enough for you to warrant the update.

First, the updates that are welcomed. For starters, you can now directly delete comics from your library with the app instead of through iTunes or your WebDAV program on your computer, in which case I was using Cyberduck. Second, and probably the most important update is that this version of ComicFlow no longer uses WebDAV. It now uses a standard web server type connection and you can directly upload and download files using any web browser. Just type in the address provided and you’re ready to transfer files.

Now, those two updates alone might make this version of ComicFlow well worth the update. You’d be partially right. You see, uploading your files using the new web server interface is limited to only 50 uploads! That’s 50 uploads life time unless you opt to do a small in-app purchase of $4.99!  That means that that unless you buy the in-app upgrade, you’ll be limited to 50 wireless uploads and then after that, you’ll be required to tether to your computer and use iTunes to transfer comics. Oh, and did I mention that WebDAV is gone? The once free to upload as many files as you want option no longer exists, even though for me, it was working perfectly fine. Why remove an option that worked? If anything, they should have kept WebDAV along with adding the new web server.

Because of this one major change, I am reverting back to the previous version of ComicFlow which thankfully I did back up to my computer a few weeks ago. That means I’ll be using that one until I find another alternative again. Yes, the new web server is a whole lot easier to connect to your iPad with, but as a $4.99 option, there are other paid apps that just do more than this. The only reason I loved the original ComicFlow was because it was completely free, but now that is really no longer the case. Unless you don’t mind paying for the new feature to use unlimited times, I suggest you do not upgrade to this current version.

ComicFlow is available now in the App Store for free (unless you want unlimted web server uploads for $4.99). It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Finally a comic reader for iPad done right! ComicFlow was designed with one goal in mind: providing the best experience for comic fans with large collections.

– Polished interface
– Can handle very large comic collections (1,500+ comics and dozens of GB) without crashing or becoming unusable
– Imports new comics in the background
– Doesn’t need to pre-process comic files before you can read them
– Supports .cbr, .cbz and pdf files

Importing Comics – iTunes with USB cable:
– Connect your iPad to your computer and launch iTunes
– In the Applications section, select ComicFlow in the list at the bottom
– Drag and drop comic files into the Documents area
– If ComicFlow is already running, display the settings window (upper-right button) and tap on “Update Library”

Importing Comics – Web Server over WiFi (In-App purchase required for unlimited use):
– Make sure your iPad and computer are on the same WiFi network and network traffic on port 8080 is not blocked
– Launch ComicFlow
– Display the settings window (upper-right button) and enable Web Server if needed
– Open the provided URL in a web browser on your computer

Deleting or changing a comic or series status:
– Tap and hold on a comic thumbnail or a series thumbnail
– Choose the appropriate option in the pop-up menu that appears

ComicFlow is also the first (and only?) open-source comic reader for iPad: get the full source from under GPL v3 license.

Looking for free public domain comics? Check out!

[via App Store]

13 thoughts on “ComicFlow v1.1 for iPad Review [Read Before Updating]

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  2. Any chance you have a copy of the previous version .ipa file still around? I love this app, but the update is horrible! I know its “free”, but removing the WebDAV support kills its functionality. Unfortunately, I don’t have the older file.

    Also, can you still add things to folders through the web app?

    • I’ll check to see. It’s on another computer right now and I didn’t have a chance to revert back to my previous version last night. As for placing things in folders, it seems like they’ve made it not as intuitive and instead, you must type in the name of the folder you want to add the file to. Definitely not as elegant as seeing the entire file structure.

      • It would be greatly appreciated! I have scoured the web & so far haven’t found an older version that I could download. Really wish this update had not been put out. I read the changes, but thought that the WebDAV was still functional. Should have read more carefully.

  3. Course if you for some reason can’t revert to the old version of Comic Flow, but have a Jailbroken iPad you can always fire up SSH and log in as mobile and upload the folders/zips to : /private/var/mobile/Applications/F8EE8E6C-7B32-4E41-ADAD-BCC809CD3D28/Documents/ (the Application ID may vary, so may just have to look for comics you already uploaded).

  4. I’m also ticked off because organizing files is such a headache now. I actually don’t mind paying for the app, if the functionality had improved. But this new server feature is actually more complicated, especially since the server is often unresponsive!

      • If he bought back WebDAV as part of the “Paid” version, I think there would be much more justification to purchasing it. But as many of us has already used WebDAV in the free version we can’t help but feel like we’re being suckered into buying. And as you said it’s worse because it’s a downgraded product, even after paying for it. I’m just glad I had my iPad jailbroken, since I can still SSH my comics in a similar fashion to the WebDAV method.

      • Makes sense. The new version does have some improvements, like being able to delete from the app, but to pay for it and not have access to old features to me isn’t worth it. He should add more ways to connect, not less. I’m glad that I did have a backup though that I found on my computer and was able to go back to the original version.

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