The Note, Moka! v1.86 for iPad Review

thenotemoka_iconI’ve been on a mission these past couple of weeks trying to search for new note taking and sketching apps to use with the iPad Mini. I still have my go-to app that I won’t mention, but that I still like looking for new alternatives that might do things better. With that said, I discovered The Note, Moka! the other day from Mobile Utility. It’s a note taking app with many familiar features but also has a couple notable features. For instance, this is one of the few note taking apps that can import PPT files as well as PDF files. It also has several page templates I have not seen before in other apps.

The one thing that really sets The Note, Moka apart from other apps is its visual way of organizing your notes. It uses one continuous bookshelf in which books line up on it one after another. You just choose a title for your new book along with the color of the cover. The app will automatically choose a size for the book, but this is just a visual effect that doesn’t actually affect the size of the interior pages. Tap the book you want to write in and it will open up. You start off with the default lined paper but can easily edit this to be 1-of-11 different types of paper. You get the standard plain, lined, and graphed paper, and you also get bonus papers like musical notation, a monthly calendar template, and a weekly calendar template. Now the interesting thing here is that there are 2 more styles of paper which I haven’t seen on any note taking app. You get an iPhone and iPad project template which would be useful for developers to plan out their graphical and user interface elements.

The Note, Moka doesn’t have too many writing tools you can use. There is basically just a pen, marker, crayon, and the eraser. Each tool only has 6 sizes to choose from and 14 colors you can pick. It’s not as extensive as some other note taking apps but the tools themselves look pretty good though when you’re writing. Overall though, the app displays very smooth strokes and it does exhibit variances in stroke width based on speed.

Along with freehand note taking, you can also type text using the keyboard. You’ll be able to choose a wide variety of fonts and font sizes as well as choose color and background color of text. The Note, Moka also allows for importing of photos and use of a small number of clipart that is included with the app.

For export features, the app allows you to export the entire content of a book as an email attachment or you can upload it to Dropbox. You also have the option to print them out.

Overall, The Note, Moka is a very good note taking app with a few unique features. It might not have the number of tools and option settings for those tools, but what it does have it does it well. I like the whole look of the app and the way the UI is laid out giving you the as much screen space as possible to use. If you’re looking for a full featured note taking app, give The Note, Moka a look as this might be just what you’re looking for.

The Note, Moka! is available now in the App Store for $4.99. It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


Say goodbye to all note writing apps that are unfriendly and gloomy.
We introduce Moka! that has every function it should have, and has a pretty and warm emotion. =)

As the number of notes increases, fun from checking added objects on the bookshelf makes you study hard and attend meetings zealously!

Does It only look pretty? Not at all.

* Great note writing sensitivity and speed.
It recognizes note writing speed, so the thickness of pen automatically adjusts. This is the main point of Moka’s note writing sensitivity just like stylish fountain pen.
It’s really nice, but words just can’t explain enough. Once you use it, you will realize it!
After pen touch, you have a delay until the contents appear on the screen? What? Moka doesn’t have that kind of delay!
Additionally, entering text using variety and pretty fonts is available. Also, adjusting sizes!

* Of course, there are lots of note apps that can read PDF files. However, what about PPT files?
Moka reads PPT and PPTX files right away.
Wasn’t it inconvenient to convert from PPT to PDF file because your note apps can read only PDF files while lecture, conference, presentation materials are all PPT files?
Moka puts PPT files at once. Of course, you can write notes on the contents.

* Did your note apps take long time to move magnified screen to down bottom to write notes while you are writing notes on magnified top corner screen?
Or Shrink screen > Move to wherever you want > Magnify screen again… It’s a troublesome.
Moka provides full-page preview, so you can go to wherever you want at once even on magnified screen.

* Do you know about QuikMenu?
It’s Moka’s distinctive round menu that has frequently used functions.
This QuikMenu is possible to move anywhere on screen. Also every UI disappears except QuikMenu while you are writing notes, so you can use screen wider and more efficiently.
Why do I have such a small space to write notes while ipad’s screen is wide enough? If it’s your case, Moka is the answer. =)

* Operation history saving includes from start to end.
Did your note apps make you upset when you can’t cancel any more operation after you did it only ten times?
Moka saves every work history, so you can even go back to blank state by pressing cancelling operation button continuously, even if you wrote a lot of notes.
Automatic Format *.If you save as Moka, you can continue to work with this work history on the other devices.

* The way to save picture or image is whatever you want. For example, you can take picture directly or you can choose from camera roll. Also, it is possible to edit size and rotation of them.
Additionally, we provide you a variety clip arts!
Basic notes like line and column, and weekly and monthly calender! iPhone template for developer! We provide you many templates with.

Input function: Pen, highlighter, typing, editing page(copying, deleting, and editing same page), input or editing image, input or editing clip art, template background, canceling or restoring operation, magnifying or shrinking screen, and so on.
Convenience feature: Read-only mode, wrist strap, preview, print, multi-touch function, notes favorites, locking notes, provide calender or clock, variety note cover color, share Email or dropbox, automatic format like PDF file. * Launching notes as Moka file.

Meet smart and pretty note Moka that has too many functions to list!

[via App Store]

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