Dinorama v1.0 for iPad Review – A Dinosaur Theme Park Children Can Build and Manage

dinorama_iconDinorama is quite an interesting game. It seems like a park building sim for children that allows them to construct a fully functional dinosaur theme park, but it’s much more than that. It’s also an app that teaches children about money management in a non-direct way. It’s very ingenious actually hiding a lesson like this as a game, especially a game that is both fun and educational. Basically in the game, children will need to build a successful dinosaur park. Earn money from visitors as well as retail stands while also using that money and spending it on new attractions, park maintenance, feeding of the animals, and keeping the visitors happy.

The main point of the game is to to teach youngsters how to manage money. Dinorama does this by giving them a whole dinosaur park to manage. They’ll start off having to buy a dinosaur with whatever money they start off with. Once bought, they’ll learn about using money to take care of the dinosaur by feeding it and taking care of its habitat. At this point the park will be open and they’ll learn that when people come to the park, they’ll pay money for entrance. As your park gets more popular and they earn more money, they’ll need to add other attractions which also take money an also need to be maintained. All of this while managing their money and they won’t even really know they are doing it.

All kids know is that if they keep the visitors happy and give them what they want, they will pay you handsomely in coins and stickers. The stickers are used to unlock more items and attractions to add to your park, all of which requires money. This makes children learn how to save up coins to purchase things as well as learning when they can and cant buy things if they need to save that money up to maintain current attractions. It’s all set up so that kids can do all this easily which is amazing really because the game itself is a rather deep and involving.

Overall, Dinorama is an excellent game for children. There is actually a lot more involved in the game then what I could get to here, but I honestly do think kids will enjoy it. It has that “The Sims” type feel to it which in itself makes it quite addicting as they’ll want to keep coming back to take care of their park and make more money so they can buy more things to keep their park running well and entertaining for visitors. What’s great too is that the game features absolutely no in-app purchasing so requirements to buy items are in reach and can actually be bought with coins earned in the game without having to grind away at it for days and days. This makes it more interesting for children as their is an immediate return on their hard work. This game is a must purchase not only for the money management aspect, but because it is very enjoyable to play.

App Store Link: Dinorama
Price: $1.99
Developer: thesixtyone
Compatible Devices: iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.


Let your kids run their own dinosaur theme park!

In Dinorama, you’ll attract visitors through your gates by feeding and caring for dinosaurs like Stegosaurus and Pterodactylus. Give them personality with beautiful habitats and wacky fences. Sell popcorn, balloons, and more!

Along the way, you’ll face decisions that could make or break the bank. What if fewer visitors came to your park? How much popcorn inventory should you buy? Can you afford to hire a zookeeper? Dinorama sparks your child’s imagination while teaching them about earning and spending money, saving for rainy days, and keeping their customers happy.

✔ Recommended ages 7-107
✔ Feed herbivores and carnivores with your finger!
✔ Five whimsical dinosaurs in eight distinct colors, with more on the way!
✔ Learn about dinosaurs by hiring a tour guide
✔ Pop popcorn, inflate balloons, and photograph visitors
✔ Clean and repair your park
✔ Help visitors find their favorite dinosaur
✔ Locate Lost & Found items
♥ No advertising
♥ No in-app purchases
♥ Compliant with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Our design goal with Dinorama is to help your kids think more thoughtfully about money — in times of certainty and uncertainty — through entrepreneurial play. In addition to the responsibilities of building a thriving dinosaur park, your kids will learn about:

✔ Distinguishing need-to-have from nice-to-have expenses
✔ Using the bank to earn interest
✔ Saving money for unpredictable events like the tourist bus getting a flat tire
✔ Spending less when fewer visitors come to the park or dinosaur food prices go up
✔ Getting volume discounts for buying more inventory

[via App Store]

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