Play Cheetos Unique Flash Based Youtube Game, Cheetahpult

Here’s something pretty interesting that I didn’t even know was possible. I did not know that there were flash based games on Youtube. I thought it was all about videos on there. Anyways, I brought that up because Cheetos right now has a rather interesting Flash game on there called Cheetahpult. What’s really interesting about the game is that you can actually use your own smartphone to interact with it which I found rather neat. Check it out here.

What’s better than playing with your food? Kicking it up a notch with a catapult. Introducing Cheetos Cheetahpult, a highly addictive new game that allows you to fling cheetos across the room with your phone or mouse, racking up points and unlocking new levels. If you’re creative with your targeting, you might even trigger some funny cutscenes.

[via Youtube]

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