Instagram Announces Video for Instagram – Available Now!


Looks like the rumors were true and Facebook did indeed make a huge announcement concerning Instagram. Instagram will now be able to feature not only photos, but now short video as well. We’re talking about 15 second video that you can cut any which way you want with 13 custom filters, being able to choose your own cover frame, and the most interesting part of it, video stabilization through what they call Cinema.  The update is out now on iOS in the App Store. Android versions are coming but not out yet from what I can see.

This is huge because in my opinion, this essentially kills the need for Vine. I have Vine and do not use it often because it is a separate app I need to use. It’s also got a few little quirks about it that I never really liked and was always a slow, resource hog. Video on IG has way more features now allowing for longer videos, filters, and video stabilization. Plus now, I don’t need to search for all my friends all over again.

Check out a replay of the live stream even here:

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