Don’t Want to Wait for iCloud Keychain? Get Password Box and Get Service Free for Life

password_box_iconIf you’re waiting for iOS7 to use iCloud Keychain in order to remember all your passwords and login information, why wait? There are plenty of password managers out now that can do the same and are multi-platform so you can use the same app no matter what device you’re on. That means you can store passwords from any site and be able to use the Password Box app on iOS, Android, and even on your PC or Mac.

One such app is Password Box, which is currently in beta but will officially launch June 25th. You can currently download the app in the App Store here for free though in order to use it, they put you on a small waiting list. However, there is a way to speed that up and all you need to do is share a little info about the app to Twitter or Facebook and you pretty much get moved straight to the top and into membership. Password Box is giving away a life time free membership to the first 1-million users who sign up. You can also shake the app and see if you instantly become a VIP member.

Either way, this is a good opportunity to get what seems like a great password manager that supports over 92% of all sites worldwide.

About PasswordBox

PasswordBox is the only free password manager that helps people securely store, retrieve and share passwords at anytime, anywhere, and on any device, to help us all remember what’s important-being able to logon anywhere securely. PasswordBox addresses the market need for an all-encompassing password management solution – think of it as a virtual safety deposit box for your passwords. Only you have the master key (in this case, the master password).

Unlike other password managers, PasswordBox:

  • Supports access to 92% of all sites worldwide, whereas two out of 10 sites don’t work with competitors

  • Gives consumers the option to create secure passwords using the PasswordBox strong password generator

  • Is free for up to 25 passwords ($1/month after the first 25) and offers an easy 1-click login across multiple devices

  • Allows you to securely share your digital life with friends and family, without revealing your confidential information

  • Maintains a high level of security with end-to-end government level encryption protection

  • PasswordBox Security Features:

  • PasswordBox is built with end-to-end encryption whereby all user data encryption is done on the user’s computer. Everything is encrypted with AES 256-bit

  • Passwords can be shared and bequeathed without revealing the actual password (using RSA 2048-bit public-key cryptography)

  • The user Master Password never leaves the user’s computer

  •  PasswordBox architecture was built securely from the group up and it is impossible for a PasswordBox employee to access user data

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