Kickstarter Spotlight: The GJB Guide to Crocheted Dolls


I don’t really post much up on Kickstarter projects but when I do there’s usually a good reason. Take this one for instance which is a project by a good friend of mine, Nikki Olida of GoldenJellyBean fame. She is best known for her custom crochet “sackboy” dolls and now she wants to teach you how to make your own. Her initial Kickstarter goal has already been reached but she is trying to reach a new stretch goal of $5000. The new goal will allow for her to add “full-color books that include all the Superhero Sackboy Patterns. In addition to that, those who choose to get a printed copy of the book (Black & White or Full-color), will get a sneak peek of the next Marvel/DC comics doll I am working on and will receive that pattern for free when I am finished!

Nikki’s Kickstarter has 7 pledge tiers, each with its own set of unique and limited rewards. For instance, those who go straight for the top platinum tear would receive the following:

A handwritten thank you note will be mailed. 2 bookmarks will be drawn and laminated at OfficeMax. You will get a signed Full-color copy of the book including ALL the Superhero Sackboy Patterns. AND you will be getting a Benjamin doll made with love 🙂 If you guys are wondering who Benjamin is, he is the doll featured in my book. He’s about 7 inches tall and cute as a button ^_^ More colors of Benjamin can be requested for those who pick the Benjamin reward option.

Anyways, this is a unique Kickstarter and if you’ve every wanted to learn how to crochet your own super hero sackboy, Nikki is one of the best out there.

[via Kickstarter]

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