Tiny Thief Sneaks Its Way Into Your Heart [iOS Review]

tiny_thief_iconTiny Thief is a new puzzle solving adventure game from developer 5 Ants and published by Rovio Stars. The game centers around stealth based puzzles in which you must help the tiny thief accomplish his goals. This usually means to avoid being seen by guards or the people you are stealing from and snatch what you need to end each level. You’ll need to get creative to avoid detection in this fun and unique puzzler with elements of a hidden objects game.

Since this is a Rovio published game, you expect some level of greatness from it even if it’s developed by someone else. 5 Ants does a fantastic job with all the graphical elements in the game. There is a certain level of cute attached to it with visuals that are very colorful, animated, and whimsical. I would even say that these level of visuals rival even that of something Nintendo would have created. Character designs are awesome and will appeal to both young and older players and the animations for everything in the game are wonderfully done.

What makes this game really cool though is the gameplay. It’s hard to tell in the trailer videos, but the game itself is all tap based. You move your character around by tapping at a point and he will move there. Tapping also engages certain actions if you tap in the right areas. For instance, tapping on a ladder will bring up a climb up icon or a climb down icon depending on the situation. Depending on what the situation calls for, tapping on items will be context sensitive. If you check out the video below, you will get a very good idea of how the game will play. When you get further along in the game, you will need to find certain objects that need to be found in order to trigger actions like finding an ax to cut a rope or finding a key to open a door. There is a lot of puzzling involved and it makes the game very fun.

Like other Rovio games, this isn’t a game where you just shoot through the levels once and never play them again. Each level has bonus side missions of finding hidden objects which allow you to 3-star every level. Yes, like Angry Birds you can try to get a perfect 3-stars in each level which means you’ll most likely be playing through each multiple times like I did. In fact, it’s very hard to put down and I spent hours on it last night trying to 3 star everything and I still haven’t accomplished that yet.

Overall, this is a very good game coming from 5 Ants and Rovio. This is definitely a winner in my book and everyone should really go out and get Tiny Thief. It’s fun, engaging, and the puzzles themselves are pretty challenging, especially if you want to get a perfect score on each level. Not only is the gameplay superb, the art style will really pull you in. It’s that good.

App Store Link: Tiny Thief
Version: 1.0.0
Developer: 5 Ants | Rovio Stars
Price: $2.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Join Tiny Thief on a big adventure!

In a world of greed, corruption and injustice, one little guy decides to stand up for the little guy! Say hello to Tiny Thief, an unconventional hero who uses cunning and trickery to out-smart his opponents across six epic medieval adventures. But beware! He faces fearsome foes, like the Dark Knight, rogue pirates and even a giant robot!

Tiny Thief brings back the magic from the point-and-click games of old, charming you with its very own visual style and offbeat sense of humor.

The game throws some seriously mind-boggling puzzles at you, with tons of surprising interactive gameplay elements along the way. So get ready to embark on an epic quest to save a princess and kingdom in peril!

Six big adventures – sneak and steal your way through six epic quests, featuring an awesome pirate ship and daring castle siege!

Use cunning and skill – out-smart your tricky opponents using the element of surprise and some downright sneakiness!

Unexpected surprises – explore fully interactive levels and uncover hidden treasures and other surprises at every turn!

Tiny Thief is ready to start his big adventure. Are you?

[via App Store]

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