Shrek Alarm – Wake Up With Your Favorite Ogre [iOS Review]

shrek_alarm_iconThere are tons of alarm clock apps out there but how many of them feature Shrek? Blitz Games Studios has released a new, fun alarm clock app featuring everyone’s favorite ogre, Shrek Alarm. This will appeal to kids more so than adults, but that’s not saying that Shrek Alarm doesn’t have a lot of useful features, because it does. Although it does feature an animated ogre that burps and farts, the app includes things like a world clock, local weather, a stop watch, a timer, and even a flashlight mode.

Graphically, the app is very good. It looks like one of those talking creature apps that just features a character that you can poke and prod making them do crazy things. In this case, it’s a very good model of Shrek. Poke him in certain areas and he does very Shrek-like things. Above Shrek, you’ll find options for the weather, time, and alarm. There’s also an option to see short little Shrek facts every time you open up the app. What’s cool though is how the background is tied into your devices movements. If you wiggle your iPhone around, it will move to change perspective slightly.

Moving on to the main feature in Shrek Alarm, how well does the alarm work? In short, the alarm can be programmed like any other alarm. Set an alarm time and it will go off at that time. You can also set snooze duration, alarm volume, and whether or not you want music to play as part of the alarm. Once set, you’ll need to have the app open or running in the background in order for the alarm to work properly. If you want the alarm to function from the lock screen, make sure full notifications are active on your device. When the alarm goes off, Shrek starts yelling things at you to get up like, “Hey, Wake Up!” over and over again until you either turn it off or put it to snooze.

Other features in Shrek Alarm include flashlight, stop watch, and timer. The flashlight works like any other flashlight app. Tap the button and the LED flash comes on and stays on. The stop watch feature has Shrek jogging in place while you time yourself. It also features lap times that you can record. Tap stop and Shrek acts like he’s all tired from running. The timer feature allows you set a countdown timer from 1 minute to 24 hours.

I almost forgot that Shrek Alarm can also show you the local weather along with the weekly forecast. Weather data is powered by AccuWeather.

Overall, Shrek Alarm is a very good alarm app that does a lot of things many more serious alarm apps do. This one does it in a fun way and if you’re a fan of Shrek, why not let him wake you up? Again, I think kids will enjoy this app as it is very faithful to the character of Shrek and it can also be fun using it for its other features. For kids especially, I think Shrek Alarm would be a really fun way for them to wake up.

App Store Link: Shrek Alarm
Version: 1.0
Developer: Blitz Games Studios
Price: $1.99
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Start your day the Shrek way! Now you can wake up and interact with everyone’s favorite ogre in DreamWorks’ Shrek Alarm!

– Wake up with the King of the Swamp OR access your iTunes music library to wake up & go to sleep with your favorite songs!
– Full alarm clock functionality – vibration settings, snooze mode and more.
– Bedtime feature allows you to decide when Shrek falls asleep.
– Day and night time modes.
– Shrek’s Swamp is a beautiful, interactive and immersive 3D environment!

– Poke Shrek to make him roar.
– Tickle Shrek to make him laugh.
– Discover other funny animations that are uniquely Shrek!

– Get the inside scoop on ogre life with the Shrek Fact of the Day!
– Interactive and animated weather feature, including five day forecast.
– Facebook integration
– World clock
– Stopwatch
– Timer
– Flashlight

[via App Store]

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