Moonfrye Releases First Product with Interactive Family-Friendly App for iOS

The first app from Soleil Moon Frye and Katie Nortman is finally out and it’s a family friendly app called, Moonfrye. Moonfrye is a fun photo sharing app that allows you to creatively make memories from ordinary photos. Photos can be arranged into collages or can be cut out and added to scenes and you can also add lots of cute stickers to them. This creates something similar to a scrapbook page. Moonfrye features a unique auto detect technology which allows users to more accurately crop individuals from photos.

You can check out Moonfrye now in the App Store for free.

Press Release

Moonfrye brings families together with engaging photo based experiences and merging online and offline activities

New York, NY – August 15, 2013 – Soleil Moon Frye and Kara Nortman have announced the release of the startup’s first product with the family friendly app, Moonfrye, available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch. The free photo-sharing app allows families to create new memories both online and off and is the first to offer auto detect technology for a uniquely creative experience.

“As a mom, time with my family is precious and I love capturing our memories. With our app, children can now be a part of the process and not just the subjects of our incredible photos. In a tech-centric world, Moonfrye inspires families to be creative, to enjoy the process, and to share their memories in a unique way that bridges the gap between screen time and family time,” said Soleil Moon Frye.

With Moonfrye families can turn their ordinary photos into personalized mermaid, pirate or rock star adventures with just a few taps. They can bring imagination to life designing together with themed worlds, collages and virtual stickers. Each theme also features a DIY instructional craft that parents and children can work on together bringing online memory making a real world activity.

Moonfrye CEO Kara Nortman says “From a technology standpoint, we couldn’t be more proud of our auto-detect photo capabilities, which allows users to crop individuals out of existing images and place them in a variety of themed backgrounds. The opportunities for creativity are endless, and give families a way to collaborate together on photo projects, and then easily share them with friends and loved ones.”

Moonfrye is the first consumer photo-based app to use this revolutionary auto-detect technology. This allows parents to more precisely extract and trim the image of their child bringing their imagination to life even more boldly in the personalized theme background.

The app includes 10 themes, collage choices and related DIY projects at launch. Each week users will be able to unlock new themes based on their interaction. The more they interact with the app, the more additional premium themes, stickers, collectible characters, and special offers will be made available.

The Moonfrye App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

Soleil will also release Let’s Get This Party Started, a book of personal DIY family party themes, on October 15, 2013. She will also host OWN’s “Home Made Simple” premiering October 2013.

About Moonfrye

Moonfrye, a joint venture by Soleil Moon Frye and veteran technology entrepreneur Kara Nortman, is a brand for families by moms and dads with a fresh view on how to learn, share and celebrate the power of being a parent. They are dedicated not only to giving a voice to families, but supporting their right to play. For more information please visit

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