Solar Flux HD – The Universe Need Your Help [iPad Review]

solar_flux_iconSolar Flux HD is a unique space puzzler from Firebrand Games. In the game, you are part of the Solar Galaxy Federation and must control Flux Accumulator ships to collect plasma and redistribute back to galaxies in which their suns are dying. The puzzle element of the game has you figuring out how to properly collect using your rocket boosters in combination with planetary and solar gravity fields while also avoiding deadly obstacles. Feed the sun plasma, save the galaxy.

The first thing I’m going to touch on first are the graphics. They are very good for what would first appear to be a simple looking game. If you take a look closely, planets rotate with realism and even look like they have atmosphere. The suns themselves burn with brightness and even feature flares and gas that emits from there. You can even see what appears to be solar winds. On top of that, suns emit light and cause shadows to fall behind planets. Plasma too emits light that you can see reflecting off planets as well. It all looks rather beautiful and at times you just want to take a minute and stare at how gorgeous the universe can be.

Gameplay wise, there will be a lot of tapping going on in order to control your Flux Accumulator. You tap in the direction you want the thrusters to fire which will move your vehicle in the opposite direction. You have very limited fuel so you’ll want to use the thrusters sparingly by using the gravitational pull of planets to help you move as well. You also have to remember that this is space so you will continue moving in one direction unless you slow yourself down with your thrusters or get sucked into a planet’s gravitational field. Avoid slamming into planets and definitely avoid slamming into the sun. Speaking of the sun, you’ll want as little time in direct sunlight as possible as the solar radiation will weaken your shields. Once you collect all the plasma on the level, shoot the plasma into the sun or suns in order to recharge them and save that part of the galaxy.

To get a feel of how the game will play, check out the trailer below. You will see how great the graphics are and how simple but challenging the gameplay can be.

Solar Flux HD is one of the most unique games I’ve played in a while. It’s a pretty calming game because of how beautiful it looks, but it also makes you think about what moves you have to make in order to complete each challenge. The challenges get harder and harder as you progress with the added challenge of trying to complete each in a short amount of time. Overall, if you’re a puzzle lover and want to try something new and unique, give Solar Flux HD a chance. You won’t regret it.

App Store Link: Solar Flux HD
Version: 1.01
Developer: Firebrand Games
Price: $3.99
Compatible Devices: iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.


Galaxies are in turmoil as their suns are dying. The Solar Galaxy Federation has deployed vast Flux Accumulator ships to collect plasma and restore the suns’ equilibrium in each nebula.

Solar Flux is a unique space puzzle game where you journey across the universe using both puzzle solving and dexterity skills to bring order to the cosmos. Supernovas, Asteroid Fields, Meteors and Black Holes are just some of the challenges you will encounter as you sail your ship through the solar flares of each imploding sun.

Solar Flux Features:
• 80 progressively challenging missions
• 4 unique galaxies each with their own unique challenges
• Earn 3 stars in each mission for total bragging rights
• Leaderboards to compare your score with friends
• Post your accomplishments to Facebook
• Stunning iPad RETINA graphics

Do you have what it takes to restore the galaxy!

[via App Store]

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