Plantronics Introduces New RIG – Premium Stereo Headset and Mixer Audio System [Video]


I love gaming heatsets. It’s impossible for me now not to play games while wearing one as you just don’t get that real immersive feeling unless you feel like you’re actually in the game, hearing sounds coming at you from all around. Of course there are drawbacks to gaming headsets, one of which is not being able to hear your mobile device go off, either for a call or a notification. When you do, you have to take off your headset and pause your game so you can talk to whoever it is calling you. No more.

The all new Plantronics RIG gaming headset solves this with an ingenious mixer audio system. Not only can you connect this headset to your favorite gaming system, you can also connect your mobile phone or tablet to it allowing you to switch between your game audio and phone calls on the fly. That means that the next time you’re knee deep in a game and someone calls you, just flip the paddle switch on the audio mixer and you’ll be able to talk on the phone with your buddy while still wearing your headset and playing in the game. You can even use your smartphone or tablet to inject your own soundtrack into the game while you play. All this is accomplished with the audio mixer that allows you to dial in a preferred mix of game and smartphone sound – calls, music, and app notifications – for a fully customized audio experience.

The short video below details this new feature so you’ll want to check it out. The Plantronics RIG Gaming Headset will be available worldwide this Fall.

At Gamescom 2013, Plantronics announced its upcoming line of gaming products, RIG. RIG products are designed to help today’s multi-screen and multi-device connected gamers manage their digital life. RIG systems blend superior game audio and chat, at home and on-the-go, with mobile audio, music, and apps, and lets users take calls without hitting pause. The first member of the RIG family is a premium stereo headset and mixer audio system, available worldwide this fall.

The RIG stereo headset and mixer empowers players to focus on the game by managing their mix, their way. With a smartphone connected to the mixer, switching between game chat and taking a phone call on the fly is simple, with a touch of the paddle. Inject an alternate soundtrack by firing up stored or app-based music in place of the game soundtrack from a connected smartphone or tablet. Dial in a preferred mix of game and smartphone sound – calls, music, and app notifications – for a fully customized audio experience.

Visit: for more details and to see how it works.


  1. Whoa! Plantronics trying to get in on some of Astro’s market, huh! 😛

    This mixer combo looks really promising. Not bad for a $130 (on amazon) considering Astro’s A40 + mixamp run about $250.

    Would be nice to see a side-by-side comparison of a pair of Astros vs these new Plantronics..

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