iOS7 Update Arriving Today – When to Get It and What to Do Before Updating

Most of you have been waiting months for the official update to finally be released and today is the day. It will be releasing at different times depending on your time zone, but for those of us in the US, it’ll be 10am PST and 1pm EST. Below is a chart from (Redmond Pie) that highlights when it’ll be available in your area.


Please note that there area  few steps you should take before you update.

  1. Apply any updates that the App Store is showing for your device. Many of these apps require an update first before updating to iOS7.
  2. Delete any unwanted apps from your device. This will save you some time while updating.
  3. Save all important data like video and photos that you may want to keep just in case your update process gets a bit wonky.
  4. It is suggested that you make a complete backup first before updating to iOS7. That means either back up via iCloud or use iTunes to make a backup of all your current info.

Also, check to see if your device is compatible. Remember, iOS7 may also have some features that do not work on older devices so make note of that.


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