Labato Smart Cover Book Folio Case for Apple iPad Mini (Review)


Even though we are still pretty deep into the life of the iPad Mini, there are always new cases coming out for it as well as new manufacturers making cases for it. That means that whenever you grow bored of your current case, you can always be guaranteed to find something new and exciting that will express your current likes and fashion sense. I actually have a collection of different cases I swap between depending on my mood and I have no qualms about adding more to it. The latest case in my collection is from Labato and it’s the Labato Smart Cover Book Folio for the iPad Mini. It’s a leather case that features an integrated smart cover.


The Labato Smart Cover Folio Case for the iPad Mini is really just like any other case of this type. It features a hard, snap on style case with an integrated smart cover for screen protection and sleep/wake features.

81wPODxEleL._SL1000_What sets it apart is from some of the regular cases of this type is that it is completely wrapped it in leather. That means that the hard shell portion of the case is completely wrapped where no plastic at all is showing giving it a much nicer look and feel. The leather seems to be quite thick and has the grain and texture you usually see on leather cases like this. The benefit of leather here is added grip over just plain plastic as well as softer feel. The case itself snaps on to the top and bottom of the iPad Mini but protects all edges and corners. It has openings for the top sleep button, audio jack, mic, volume and mute buttons, bottom speakers and Lightning port, and the rear camera.

On the interior of the case, it is completely lined with a soft, microfiber material that helps protect and keep clean the exterior of your iPad Mini. Your device ends up sitting on a bed of softness instead of hard plastic, keeping it from being scratched up accidentally.

The smart cover on the front is also leather wrapped with a microfiber inner lining and features a 3-fold design. There are magnets embedded in the cover to activate the sleep/wake feature of the iPad Mini and the cover can be folded up and turned into a stand for horizontal viewing. It can also be used for a more comfortable typing position. On the front of the cover, there is a tri-colored strip that runs along the right side. It gives the case a almost sporty feel to it and helps add some color to an overall monotonous colored case. The Labato name is also featured on the lower right hand corner.


  • Decorated with silkscreen, the color of which was designed through many attempts and adjustments.
  • Microfiber Leather with strong tenacity and wearability matches with contrast color stripes, infusing vogue into conciseness.
  • Soft internal lining imprinted with Labato logo, the insurance of brand and quality.
  • Equipped with smart-cover folio: cover to sleep the iPad mini and open to wake it.
  • Exquisite details processing on all edges and corners for full protection.

All this makes for a very well made and good looking iPad Mini case. The iPad Mini fits into the case snugly and doesn’t feel like it will fall out at any time. The smart cover works well and is one of the features I always look for in a case for the iPad Mini. A good case has to have built in magnets for the smart wake/sleep mode and this one does.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a good, inexpensive smart cover folio case, check out these from Labato. I know it’s a brand you’ve probably never heard of before, but for only $19.99, these cases are remarkably well made and feature pretty high end materials. The leather on it is pretty good for the price and the microfiber interior lining is much appreciated as I”m the type who likes to keep their devices scratch free.

You really can’t go wrong picking up this case as it does everything you want an iPad Mini case to do. It offers adequate protection for everyday use and again, the price makes the case very attractive and hard to pass up on when looking for a good iPad Mini case.

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