Jack Jones and the Animal Quest – Help Jack Discover New Animal Friends (iOS App Review)

jackjones_iconWhen it comes to children friendly apps, there are several types you can choose from. There are educational games, straight up educational apps, and then there are interactive storybooks. We all know children love storybooks and what’s better than a storybook they can not only follow along with, but also interact with? Jack Jones and the Animal Quest is just such an app, a fun storybook adventure with lots of interactive elements to keep children excited and interested. Jack Jones tells the tale of a boy on a magical adventure to discover new animal friends.

What Jack Jones and the Animal quest offers children is a journey. One that is filled with wonderful art and various activities they can participate in. Each page of the storybook features something they can do to keep the story moving along and with fully narrated text and sound effects, it keeps the story interesting. The main thing though is the artwork in my opinion. It is quite good, very colorful and fun to look at. The  music in Jack Jones is also very fun and poppy. There was a moment where I just sat there at the title screen and listened through the whole beat.

Jack Jones and the Animal Quest is a fun interactive storybook adventure with a great story and even greater artwork. Children don’t just listen along with the story, they actually participate with it along the way.

App Store Link: Jack Jones and the Animal Quest
Version: 1.0
Developer: Red Magpie
Price: $2.99
Compatible Devices: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.


Jack Jones and the Animal Quest: A unique interactive story book for children.

Join Jack as he sets out on a magical adventure to find as many new friends as he can!

– Designed to inspire young minds, improve observational skills and make kids smile!

– Specially selected educational font popular with schools, and designed specifically for young children.

– Features professional audio narration, with an auto read on/off button.

– Gorgeous inspiring graphics, great characters and fun mini games make this an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Join us now and say hello to Jack Jones and his friends!


Privacy policy:

This app does not contain adverts.

This app does not contain any links to outside of the app.

This app does not contain in app purchases.

We do not collect any information about users of this app.

We do not use or collect your geographic location.

We do not store, record or collect any personal data.

We do not allow advertising companies to collect data through our service for ad targeting.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policies, please contact us: hello@redmagpieapps.com

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