Samsung Watch Styler for Galaxy Gear – Create Your Own Custom Watch Faces (Review)

Screenshot_2013-11-05-14-40-21This is a quick review of an app that everyone with a Samsung Galaxy Gear should download. The Galaxy Gear already includes several different watch faces you can use, but why be limited to those? With the Watch Styler app, you’re able to create your own basic watch faces for use with your Galaxy Gear. That means if you ever wanted something more you and decorative, you can make it yourself with this app.

You can create two types of watch faces, analog and digital. Each allows you to use your own backgrounds, whether it be one of the preinstalled backgrounds, a photo from your gallery, or using your camera to snap a photo of something. You can even just use basic colors with patterns they provide. Once you have the background set, you can begin adding the types of watch hands you want or digital clock designs, date design, and whether or not you want a battery and Bluetooth indicator.

Screenshot_2013-11-05-14-40-12Now, as cool as the app is, it does have its quirks. There aren’t nearly enough different types of watch hands and digital clock designs to choose from. Same goes for all the little add-ons. There just isn’t enough variety so you run into problems with some of the designs you want to make. There’s also no way to resize elements or use your own fonts which is something they need to consider for future updates. Not only that, you can’t add any short cut links or widgets to your watch faces so these end up being just regular watch faces with no added functions.

There are also a few bugs I’ve run into using the app. The major bugs are related to analog clocks. For some reason, ever since the time change back to regular non-DLS time, all my analog clocks are 1-hour ahead. Also, the hour hand is not in the proper position where it should be based on the minute hand. It’s hard to explain but let’s just say, it’s wrong.

Update 11.09.13 – Samsung just released an update for Watch Styler that fixes the daylight savings time bug as well as the hour hand position. The analog clock is now perfect.

Despite this, Watch Styler is an app everyone should still download. It makes great basic watch faces if you just want something fun and hopefully, Samsung will continue updating this app with more features and templates and not just forget about it. Grab Watch Styler in the Samsung Apps store through the Gear Manager app.


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