Hess Tractor Trek – Yup, the Hess Truck is Back (iOS App Review)

hess_iconHow many of you know that classic holiday jingle, “The Hess Truck’s back and it’s better than ever”? I know that when I was a kid, I’d see commercials for the Hess Truck all the time during the holidays and though I never was a collector of them, their catchy jingle has remained in my head. Now Hess has gone digital with their popular trucks with the new Hess Tractor Trek game that puts you in the driver seat of 5 unique Hess tractors. Not only that, if you have a 2013 Hess toy truck, you can honk its horn to unlock 100,000 bonus Hess Cash.

The Hess Tractor Trek game is actually an interesting take on the endless runner. The goal is to see how far you can get while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles. This game has a lot in common with other games, for example, Tiny Wings. In fact, the controls for this game are very similar to Tiny wings and you’ll be using the environment in the same way. You tap on the screen while your tractor is going down a hill in order to speed up and then let go on the straights and uphill sections as to not slow down. If you’re going fast enough, you can even get your tractor to catch air on the uphill sections.

Along the way, you collect coins that you can use to upgrade your tractors to make them faster and better. You can even unlock other tractors and other levels with the coins you collect. What you’ll like though is how fast you can accumulate coins and unlock items. It’s not one of those games where it takes you hours and hours just to unlock a few items.

What you’ll enjoy the most I think is that Hess Tractor Trek is free. Yes it has in-app purchases, but you honestly never have to purchase anything to enjoy the game. It’s actually one of the better “branded” apps I’ve seen in a while that makes pretty good use of the Hess name. Not only that, it’s actually pretty fun trying to see how far you can get with each play through. For Android users, you can head over to Google Play and pick it up here.

App Store Link: Hess Tractor Trek
Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Hess Corporation, LM/NL
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


NOTE: Due to its heavy graphic requirements, Hess Tractor Trek is only compatible with iPhone 4 & up, iPod Touch 5th Gen & up, and iPad 2 & up.

Icy mountain roads. Treacherous desert terrain. Volcanic island trails. It’s all in a day’s work for the Hess Tractor.

In Hess: Tractor Trek, YOU are in control of the world’s fastest tractor fleet, racing through the most difficult terrain on Earth at breathtaking speeds.

You’ll need lightning-quick reflexes to succeed. Lower your plow at the right moments to pick up speed and pull off impossible jumps. Use your backhoe to smash your way through avalanches, desert cacti and volcanic boulders. Take to the air and tilt your device to execute gravity-defying flips. But be careful: you’ll need to make it to the nearest Hess Express station before running out of fuel… or it’s game over.

As you race, you’ll earn Hess Cash that can be used to buy new, epic vehicles, environments and upgrades. Log into Facebook and you can also challenge your friends’ best distances!


* Fun, Physics-Based Gameplay for Players of All Ages: 2.5D side-scrolling game design challenges players’ reflexes and minds as they clear debris, race over bumpy terrain, jump and flip over small gaps and balance their vehicle’s weight

* 5 Unique Tractors: Get ready to race the world’s fastest tractors: HARDHAT, the default, all-purpose model. BOUNCER, a dune buggy-style tractor with incredible suspension. STRETCH, an ultra-long tractor that can grab hard-to-reach coins. JUGGERNAUT, a massive tank-like model. SPEEDY, a souped up racer. Earn Hess Cash and unlock them all!

* 3 Epic Environments: Explore the Snowy Mountains, Red Desert and Volcanic Island, each with unique environmental features.

* 200 Vehicle Upgrades: Boost your tractors’ speed, accleration, in-air handling (perfect for flips) and more as you progress and earn Hess Cash.

* Activate Your Toy: If you own the 2013 Hess Toy Truck, just honk its horn to unlock 100,000 bonus Hess Cash, which can be used to purchase a high-level tractor, environment or upgrades!

* Challenge Your Friends: Syncing with Facebook will let you challenge your friends’ best distances, viewable in-game as signposts. It’s a novel twist on the traditional leaderboard system.

[via App Store]

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