FourTwoThree Studios’ Hip Hop Berserker Launch Trailer – Arriving January 9th (Video)

Hip Hop Berserker may seem like just your average hack and slash platformer at first glance, but it’s actually much much more than that. It’s an adventure game that is heavily influenced by music (hip hop) and not just for the audio but also for the control scheme. You see, Hip Hop Berserker utilizes the music to time a series of taps and swipes, similar to what you’d find in rhythmic music games. This makes for some rather interesting gameplay and now one that I’ve seen before in an action platformer. If you check out the trailer above, you’ll see what I mean.

Look for Hip Hop Berserker in the App Store when it’s released, January 9th.



Fight as Saro, a young Hip Hop Berserker, who along with the help of his magical-beat producing goblin, Carter, go on an adventure to save the goddess Hip Hop from the evil wizard, Hu Man Duong.
14 Awesome Head-Nodding Hip Hop Tracks!
•Featuring great indie Hip Hop producers: Kyo Itachi, Brock Berrigan, and DeStorm Power! A NEW track each month!Hilarious Animated Cutscenes!
•Created by and featuring the voice talent of indie animator, E.A. Gray (Kung Fu Kintae)!
Three Difficulties!
•Easy. Normal. Berserker! Can you beat all three?!
Slow Down Time with BERSERKER MODE!
•Enter Berserker Mode and watch as you slowly crush your opponents!
•YouTube Personality (over 1.5 million subscribers), musician, comedian, and finally a Hip Hop Berserker (Bonus levels only)!Gorgeous Visuals!
•Ten beautifully detailed environments and cartoonishly detailed characters!
Game Center Achievements, Leaderboards, and Treasure!
•See how you rank level by level versus other players. Earn various achievements and unlock the powerful Golden Berserker Outfit!

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