Salvation by Froggy – What Happens When You Add Enemies to Arkanoid

I was browsing through my emails and came across a game called Salvation. It caught my eye because the developer described it as a family friendly game that had its origins based on the game of Arkanoid. After watching the short trailer, you can definitely see that it is a bit Arkanoid-ish with a touch of Pong. The main difference is that there are enemies scattered about the level that you must destroy with the ball while it bounces back and forth. It looks rather interesting indeed. If you’d like to check out the game, you can do so by visiting the App Store here. The game is free so it’s worth a look. I’ll have a full review of it in the future after I’ve had more time to play it.


A boy and his trusty dog travel to different planets searching for their stolen house. They fly from one planet to another to fight the thieves. Help the boy and his dog find and win back their home. Pretty planet landscapes and freaky aliens await you.
This is the most exciting fight on the screen of your device. Enemies have not yet appeared so fast in any of the games. This game requires agility, speed and attentiveness.

— Beautiful and colorful graphics!
— An abundance of unique locations!
— Intuitive and dynamic gameplay!
— Simple and self explaining controls!
— 96 levels with increasing difficulty Rules!
— Support for Retina display!

Use the weapon.
— Destroying laser!
— Arrange the bombs!
— Use the timer!
— Destroy enemies with fire!
— Increases the size of the bar!

Rules of the game:
— Move the metal plates across the glass surface to hit the ball and to defend against the enemy shells.
— Be aware that the ball and the shells are only allowed to hit the same spot on the glass surface three times.

[via App Store]

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