Smiley: Show Your Emotion (iOS App Review)

smiley_iconHere’s a quick little review for an app that allows you to make your own smileys to use in messages. What that means is that instead of using the built in emojis to express your emotions in a message, you can create your own using a simple app called Smiley. Using tons of premade templates and materials, you can literally create thousands of different smileys. The app boasts a million, but there’s no way for me to really test that claim.

To start with, the interface and overall presentation of the app is very nice. Everything is very colorful and the user interface is really easy to navigate with all the different materials arranged into tabs. You can choose the type of head to use, eyes, smile, brows, hats, and other. Each item used can be positioned anywhere on the head and can also be resized. You can even apply multiple items of the same type if you want to go for something really strange, like a 4-eyed smiley.

The app starts off with a basic number of parts you can use with the option of purchasing more in their in-game store. Items are purchased using coins that you can purchase using in-app purchasing though it’s not needed since you can just gain them by using the app. That’s right, you can gain free coins by just using the app on its own. Although you only get like 10 coins per smiley you make so for some of the big ticket items, you’re going to have to make a whole bunch of smileys to get enough coins for them.

Overall, Smiley is a really cool app if you want to make custom smileys. The smileys are saved to your camera roll for inserting into messages or you can use the build in album feature to quickly copy it to your clipboard or use directly on Facebook or Twitter. These smileys are also much bigger than your typical emoji allowing you to really express how you feel. The only downside is that the price of some of the extras in the shop are a bit high and you’ll have to really grind the app in order to get them. Other than that, it’s a very creative app for adding some flair to your messages.

App Store Link: Smiley: Show Your Emotion
Version: 1.1
Developer: Pera Entertainment
Price: Free
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Have you ever felt like you could not find that specific emotion? Well, now you can create your own smiley faces and use them in your messages!!!

Smiley: Show Your Emotions has million of variations of smileys faces that you can create using over 150 materials, ranging from shapes to small details like water drops, or exclamation marks. And the best part is that we will help you how to do that!

Impress your friends with your new created Smileys while they are stuck using the plain old boring motionless emoji. Be the envy of your friends! Download the app now for free, limited time only!

Awesome Features:
-Over 150 materials to choose from to craft unique Smileys
-Move and scale items
-More that a million of variations
-Save your Smileys and use them later
-Easy interface with precise and intuitive control
-Create Smileys and receive in game currency that you can spend on more materials!
-Creative and awesome designed style.
-Send your Smileys via SMS, Email, Notes, Websites and almost ANYWHERE you can text!
-Share your Smileys via Facebook, Twitter and etc.

[via App Store]


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