PS Vita Carrying Case (Review)


I recently was gifted a PS Vita by my lovely wife as a birthday present and I wanted to buy something to protect it while not in use or in my bag. I figured that I didn’t want something too bulky and didn’t need a case that held a bunch of extras. Mainly I was looking for something cheap that would protect the screen and the rear touch panel from scratches when carrying it around in my backpack. A quick search on Amazon yielded a bunch of low cost carrying cases but in the end, I settled on the official Sony Carrying Case, mainly because it was cheap and looked like I could use it as a stand as well. Was this a good choice? Read on to find out.


The Sony PS Vita Carrying Case basically looks like a day-planner but shaped like a PS Vita instead of a book. There is a rear and front cover and they are connected to each other via a strip of similar material inbetween. The case has the look of leather, but it’s synthetic and is lined with a felt-like material to keep your PS Vita cushioned and scratch free.


The PS Vita is held in place by a plastic clip that snaps to the bottom of your PS Vita. It holds the PS Vita securely and is also quite easy to remove when you want. Once the PS Vita is in place, the whole package kind of looks like a PS Vita sandwich and adds quite a bit of thickness to the overall package, almost double the thickness. This is mainly because the front and rear covers are fairly thick for protection while the front cover also includes the stand mechanism and thumbstick spacers for more added thickness. It’s a bit thicker than I’d like but I guess you have to pay the price for protection. The entire package is held shut with a little strap and Velcro.


To play the PS Vita, you just open it all up and drop the front and rear covers down. You would play with the PS Vita as normal with the covers basically just dangling down at the bottom. It’s not uncomfortable to hold that way, but it is a bit weird having this thing dangling below. To use the Carrying Case as a stand, you clip the plastic piece that is connected to your PS Vita into a little slot on the back cover and then fold the front cover to the rear. Just pull out the stand, that is affixed by Velcro, and angle it out all the way. There is only one viewing angle, but it’s a good angle to use. When in stand mode, you can also charge the device no problem.

The Good

  • Good quality of materials used.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Works well as a stand.
  • Case doesn’t get too much in the way while playing.
  • Excellent protection for your screen and rear touchpad.
  • Space for the thumbsticks when closed.
  • Cheap price. (Amazon)

The Bad

  • Whole package is quite thick once you have it closed up.
  • PS Vita wiggles around a bit if not closed tightly.
  • No side protection whatsoever.
  • Most likely will not protect your PS Vita much if dropped.
  • No storage for games or cables.

Final Thoughts

For what I paid for the PS Vita Carrying Case, $8.72 on Amazon, it’s not bad for the price. I don’t mind the bulkiness as I usually only carry this around in my backpack, so the size of it isn’t an issue. I like that it protects the screen and rear touchpad which were two of my main concerns as I don’t want them to get scratched up, though I would have liked it if it also provided some side protection as well. It’s decent for what it is, but there are definitely much better PS Vita cases out there you can buy. For the price though, I’m happy with this as it fits my needs for now mainly because I don’t have any physical games to carry around as all my games right now are on the memory card. When I do buy some physical retail games, I’ll most likely have to find another solution.

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