New Basement Crawl Gameplay Trailer – Available “Soon” in North America (Video)

Basement Crawl will be the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive indie game to hit the PlayStation Store when it’s released. Created by indie developer Blooper Team, Basement Crawl is an arena based, multiplayer game that brings classic Bomberman-style gameplay and grind-house flavor to the PS4.


  • Multiplayer: whether with four players locally or eight players online, Basement Crawl delivers the most fun multiplayer experience available on PlayStation 4.
  • An Engagingly Unnerving Style: a ghoulish but entertaining presentation inspired by classic
    grindhouse movies, twisted horror films and even other games, such as Manhunt.
  • A Return to Skill-Based Gaming: gameplay rewards the player with the most skill, not the one with the most time to grind; while easy-to-learn, the game offers endless ways for players to refine strategy and perfect execution; the best players will always win.
  • Classic Gameplay with a Modern Twist: brings together the best gameplay elements of classic titles like Bomberman with modern technology and online features.
  • Classes and Characters: the game features four unpredictable and macabre characters, each representing a unique class, and each sporting special abilities and skills.
  • “2.5D?”: Basement Crawl is made with a 3D-engine, but presented in classic 2D, allowing players to control the position of the camera while enjoying dynamic lights and effects.
  • Arenas: nine uniquely hair-raising arenas are included for players to master and conquer, including the Slaughterhouse, Restaurant Dungeon, Abandoned Circus and more.
  • Online Features Include: Leaderboards for comparing highest scores with friends and other players; Party chat for PS4, Trophies, Invites, Ranks.

Basement Crawl is scheduled for European release on January 29th and will hit North America sometime soon. Check out the official press release below for more information.

Press Release

KRAKOW, Poland (JAN 23, 2014) – Bloober Team, an independent developer based in Krakow, Poland, will release Basement Crawl, one of the most anticipated upcoming games for PlayStation®4, on January 29 in Europe.  Basement Crawl brings classic Bomberman-style gameplay and grind-house flavor to the PS4 with the most fun multiplayer experience available on next-generation systems.  The game will be available for download exclusively through the PlayStation Network.  Bloober Team will announce a release date for North America soon.
Basement Crawl is a strategic action game that focuses entirely on creating the first great multiplayer game on next generation systems, whether played locally or via PlayStation Network.  In the game, PS4 owners will be able to face off against three friends via the four-player local multiplayer or join into a larger game online against up-to-eight players.  With wildly creepy characters and blood-curdling environments, Basement Crawl combines the maze-based mayhem gamers have known and loved for years with high intensity action, explosive traps and potent competition.
Basement Crawl finally gives PlayStation 4 owners a reason to invite their friends over to show off their systems – our amazing local multiplayer that is as addictive as it is competitive,” said Piotr Babieno, CEO, Bloober Team.  “Basement Crawl rewards skill and practice, which means a good player will never get cheated out of a win by someone who grinds with better gear.  For any PS4 owner out there who is still looking for a really fun, truly unique multiplayer game for their new system, Basement Crawl is it.”
Basement Crawl will be available on January 29 in Europe and soon in North America, exclusively for PlayStation 4 via PlayStation Network for $9.99 USD / €9.99 / ₤7.99.  For more information, please visit Bloober Team’s official web site or the official Facebook page at
Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Krakow, Poland, Bloober Team is an independent videogame developer focused on creating the highest quality character driven games for hardcore gamers.

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