Hyper Havoc – A Space Race for Your Life (iOS App Review)

hyperhavoc_iconHyper Havoc is a space racer that shares much in common with the endless “runner” genre. You are entered in a race for your life down the endless tunnels of the Havoc Survival world with your trusty spacecraft and must not only avoid obstacles in your way, but also defend yourself from enemies who will try to sabotage your race. Luckily, you can upgrade your spacecraft to better your odds for survival and post higher scores on the global leaderboards.

Hyper Havoc features gorgeously designed spacecrafts that do have a familiarity to them. They reminded me so much of what you would find in a game like Wipeout XL, which is good because that was a really good looking game too back in its day. The level designs are rendered in full 3D and are okay looking, but are basically just long tunnels with lots of rotating sections you try to avoid. It’s nothing too intricate and doesn’t give you that “wow” factor when you see it, Then again, you’ll probably be too busy avoiding obstacles, collecting coins and power ups, and shooting down enemies to really notice.

Control wise, there are 2 ways you can play the game. You can either set it to use the accelerometer and just tilt your device to move your ship around, or you can set it to touch controls and use a standard virtual thumbstick to move. Playing the game with the accelerometer seems smoother for some reason and more accurate than using the touch controls which can be a bit jittery at times. Not sure why that is, but I suggest using the accelerometer control scheme. It also seems easier to collect coins and shoot down enemies with the accelerometer.

Hyper Havoc is surely a different type of endless racing game since it doesn’t just involve avoiding obstacles but also taking a bit of an offensive role. The graphics are good and the action can get pretty heated. Like most games of this type, upgrading your ship is a must to be competitive so make sure you collect as many coins as you can during the race as upgrades can be costly. You can always do an in-app purchase for coins too if your lazy, but it’s not necessary to enjoy the game. Overall, it’s not a bad game at all that will appeal to endless “running” fans, space shooter fans, racing fans, and casual gamers.

App Store Link: Hyper Havoc
Version: 3.0
Developer: Evil Droid Studios
Price: $0.99
In-App Purchases: Yes
Compatible Devices: (Universal App) Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


Bringing Havoc into the Space Race genre, Evil Droid Studios presents you with Hyper Havoc!
Hyper Havoc takes you to the endless tunnels of the Havoc Survival world with great spacecrafts that you can upgrade and feel the difference.
Experience the awe of speed and shooting your endless enemies down, completing different achievements.
Can you survive the Havoc?

+Shoot down your enemies and obstacles
+Avoid Obstacles
+Control your spacecraft with either accelerometer or touch pad
+Upgrade your spacecraft to have a better chance of survival
+Complete your achievements and collect medals
+Compete for the first place in the Global High score board

Do you dare to Enter the Havoc?

[via App Store]

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