PISEN USB Battery Charge Adapter for PlayStation Vita (Review)

PISEN_01The PS Vita is one heck of a portable gaming device but there is one thing about it that really bugs me. I’m not sure why, by Sony chose to use a proprietary USB cable with this device which also happens to need it’s own power block in order to charge. The power block is huge because it’s not only the block itself but also another power cable that connects to that making the whole setup very cumbersome.  Carrying around a USB cable is one thing, but having to carry around the entire rig is a pain. I thought maybe I could use the USB cable with my iPad charging block as I usually have that with me or with my PC, but that just isn’t the case. It won’t even charge with a backup battery supply. The PS Vita will not charge with anything except for the power block it came with, or at least that’s what I thought.

I was digging around Amazon and came upon a product called the PISEN USB Battery Charge Adapter for the PS Vita. What it essentially does is it seems to block off the data signal from the PS Vita’s USB cable and turns it into a charging cable that will work with most wall chargers. That means you don’t have to carry around a separate charging block and cable now for your PS Vita and can use the same one from your iPhone/iPad, Android device, or even your PC and various battery backup supplies.

PISEN_02The adapter itself is $7.99 on Amazon and works as advertised. I now have no trouble using my iPad charging block to charge my PS Vita which is a big plus as I use that for most of my other devices I carry around. It’s very small and should fit into any case that you use to carry around your PS Vita. If you don’t transfer data often with your PS Vita, you can  just leave it on the USB cable. I’ve read that there are ways to make your own cable of this type, but for $8, I find it more convenient to just buy one that is already made and looks cleaner than something I would have made myself.

You can grab one on Amazon here if this is something you’ve been looking for. It’s definitely something you might want to look into if you’re trying to lighten your load and decrease the number of chargers you carry around with you.

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