Curve Studios Mega Bundle Out Now – Includes Thomas Was Alone and Stealth Inc. (PS3/PS Vita)


I’m a fan of indie gamers, especially really creative indie games. I’ve played my fair share though there are also a ton out there I haven’t been able to play yet. This includes all the games featured here in Curve Studios’ Mega Bundle pack being featured on the PSN Store. For a limited time, you can pick up four critically acclaimed games,  Stealth Inc, Thomas Was Alone, Proteus and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut for the low low price of $14.99 or $13.49 for PS Plus members. Individually, these games would cost about $45 so this is a huge savings. All titles are also cross-buy so you’ll be able to purchase once and enjoy them on both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

Press Release

LONDON – 29.01.2014 – Curve Studios are super proud to announce a brand new bundle of some of the highest-rated indie titles ever to grace the console in one fantastically cheap bundle, released today on the EU and US PSN stores.

The highly originally titled Curve Mega Bundle includes the following delectable indie games from our prolific 2013 releases – Stealth Inc, Thomas Was Alone, Proteus and Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut – there’s more info on each title below.

Curve Studios PR Manager Rob Clarke said: “This bundle has everything from exploring a peaceful, dreamlike world to getting your head exploded by lasers. It represents a nice little slice of the ‘Indie Pie’ for those who have yet to stuff their face full of its delicious goodness.”

Every single title is Cross-Buy, which means you’ll be able to play them on the PlayStation 3 AND the Vita. Some are also Cross-Save enabled, too. The bundle is available for two weeks at the discount price of £11.99 / $14.99 / € 14.99, or £9.99 / $13.49 / €12.99.

The promotional price on the bundle ends on the 11th of February in the EU. You can find the bundles on the US and EU PSN store.

The Bundle

Stealth Inc – From our very own Jonathan Bidds Biddle, Stealth Inc is the HD version of the original PC action-platformer, Stealth Bastard Deluxe.

Thomas Was Alone – A puzzle game with a story narrated by Danny Wallace, written and designed by the ubitiqous indie darling, Mike Bithell.

Proteus – An absolutely unique game of exploration and discovery, our PlayStation version of Ed Key and David Kanaga’s Proteus also comes with a GPS island generation feature on the Vita.

Lone Survivor – A psychological survival horror game by Jasper Byrne, our Director’s Cut version features new endings, side quests and graphical enhancements.

About Curve Digital

Founded in 2012, Curve Digital publishes original IP and enhanced conversions of popular independent video games. Working with high profile developers such as Jasper Byrne (Lone Survivor) and Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone), Curve Digital helps individuals and small teams bring their games to a larger audience on popular console formats, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Wii-U.


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