Retro Game Tempest 2000 Remake, TxK Out Today for PS Vita


You know what I love so far about the PS Vita? The steady stream of indie games that have been appearing on it. Sure I would love more big budget games on there but it’s the indie titles that have time after time surprised me with their unique gameplay and ideas. One of the newest indie games to pop up on the PSN Store is that of Llamasoft’s TxK, a Tempest 2000 remake. For those that don’t know, Tempest 2000 was originally released in 1994 and was a geometric, vector-based shooter that was a cult hit in its day. Even now, people still talk about that game as a bases for many clones and games that were inspired by its look.

Though TxK is described as a Tempest 2000 remake, it’s much more than that. The developer describes it as neo-retro in which the gameplay is similar to that of an older arcade game, but utilize the advantages of updated hardware for much better graphics and sound. TxK includes 100 pulse pounding levels as well as a ton bonus levels. Of course as great as the gameplay is, you’ll want to play this with headphones on in order to enjoy the awesome soundtrack that’s included.

TxK is available now on the PlayStation Network Store for $9.99 or $7.99 for PS Plus members. We’ll be playing this all week and will have a full review up soon.

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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